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Byoungjip Kim
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POMO: Policy Optimization with Multiple Optima for Reinforcement Learning
YD Kwon, J Choo, B Kim, I Yoon, S Min, Y Gwon
NeurIPS 2020, 2020
Adnext: a visit-pattern-aware mobile advertising system for urban commercial complexes
B Kim, JY Ha, SJ Lee, S Kang, Y Lee, Y Rhee, L Nachman, J Song
Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and …, 2011
HiCon: a hierarchical context monitoring and composition framework for next-generation context-aware services
K Cho, I Hwang, S Kang, B Kim, J Lee, SJ Lee, S Park, J Song, Y Rhee
IEEE network 22 (4), 34-42, 2008
Unsupervised visual attribute transfer with reconfigurable generative adversarial networks
T Kim, B Kim, M Cha, J Kim
arXiv preprint arXiv:1707.09798, 2017
SelfMatch: Combining Contrastive Self-Supervision and Consistency for Semi-Supervised Learning
B Kim, J Choo, YD Kwon, S Joe, S Min, Y Gwon
NeurIPS 2020 workshop, 2020
VaB-AL: Incorporating Class Imbalance and Difficulty with Variational Bayes for Active Learning
J Choi, KM Yi, J Kim, J Choo, B Kim, JY Chang, Y Gwon, HJ Chang
CVPR 2021, 2021
Bmq-index: Shared and incremental processing of border monitoring queries over data streams
J Lee, Y Lee, S Kang, SJ Lee, H Jin, B Kim, J Song
7th International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM'06), 38-38, 2006
Processing method of data stream using border monitoring query
JW Lee, YK Lee, SW Kang, SJ Lee, HJ Jin, BJ Kim, JH Song
US Patent 7,895,188, 2011
Method for providing advertisement, computer-readable medium including program for performing the method and advertisement providing system
J Song, JY Ha, Y Rhee, KIM Byoungjip, LEE Sangjeong, S Kang, Y Lee
US Patent App. 13/224,062, 2012
Mobiiscape: Middleware support for scalable mobility pattern monitoring of moving objects in a large-scale city
B Kim, SJ Lee, Y Lee, I Hwang, Y Rhee, J Song
Journal of Systems and Software 84 (11), 1852-1870, 2011
Scalable activity-travel pattern monitoring framework for large-scale city environment
Y Lee, SJ Lee, B Kim, J Kim, Y Rhee, J Song
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 11 (4), 644-662, 2011
Comparison of the existing checkpoint systems
BJ Kim
Technical report, IBM Watson, 2005
Visitsense: Sensing place visit patterns from ambient radio on smartphones for targeted mobile ads in shopping malls
B Kim, S Kang, JY Ha, J Song
Sensors 15 (7), 17274-17299, 2015
Agatha: Predicting daily activities from place visit history for activity-aware mobile services in smart cities
B Kim, S Kang, JY Ha, J Song
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks 11 (12), 867602, 2015
High-performance composite event monitoring system supporting large numbers of queries and sources
SJ Lee, Y Lee, B Kim, KS Candan, Y Rhee, J Song
Proceedings of the 5th ACM international conference on Distributed event …, 2011
Activity information providing method and electronic device supporting the same
DH Roh, BJ Kim, MH Jang
US Patent 10,695,002, 2020
Event-centric composable queue, and composite event detection method and applications using the same
J Song, LEE Sangjeong, Y Lee, KIM Byoungjip, YS Rhee
US Patent App. 12/758,110, 2011
DefogGAN: Predicting Hidden Information in the StarCraft Fog of War with Generative Adversarial Nets
Y Jeong, H Choi, B Kim, Y Gwon
AAAI 2020 (Oral), 2020
Method for processing contents and electronic device thereof
BJ Kim, J Lim, D Roh, K Min, SH Park, JM Park
US Patent App. 14/719,172, 2015
Towards trajectory-based experience sharing in a city
B Kim, Y Lee, SJ Lee, Y Rhee, J Song
Proceedings of the 3rd ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Location …, 2011
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