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robert olesen
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Uplink control data transmission
SN Nazar, KJL Pan, RL Olesen, G Pelletier, M Rudolf, P Marinier, ...
US Patent 9,485,060, 2016
Component carrier activation/deactivation in multi-carrier systems
G Pelletier, P Marinier, M Rudolf, SE Terry, RL Olesen
US Patent 8,917,605, 2014
Uplink control information transmission methods for carrier aggregation
E Bala, PJ Pietraski, SH Shin, G Zhang, AY Tsai, JS Levy, PM Adjakple, ...
US Patent 9,402,247, 2016
Method and apparatus for supporting coordinated orthogonal block-based resource allocation (COBRA) operations
H Lou, RG Murias, X Wang, NB Shah, M Ghosh, G Zhang, F La Sita, ...
US Patent 10,932,229, 2021
Determination of Carriers and Multiplexing for Uplink Control Information Transmission
G Pelletier, P Marinier, SN Nazar, M Rudolf, RL Olesen, KJL Pan, AY Tsai, ...
US Patent App. 13/098,381, 2012
Method and apparatus for performing component carrier-specific reconfiguration
G Zhang, KJL Pan, JL Gauvreau, SE Terry, SH Shin, P Marinier, ...
US Patent 8,873,505, 2014
Maintaining time alignment with multiple uplink carriers
P Marinier, BM Anepu, G Pelletier, RL Olesen
US Patent 8,934,459, 2015
Combined open loop/closed loop (CQI-based) uplink transmit power control with interference mitigation for E-UTRA
SH Shin, DM Grieco, RL Olesen
Method and apparatus for providing efficient precoding feedback in a MIMO wireless communication system
KJL Pan, RL Olesen, DM Grieco
US Patent 7,881,247, 2011
Authentication and encryption methods using shared secret randomness in a joint channel
A Reznik, D Purkayastha, S Goldberg, R Olesen, M Rudolf, I Cha, ...
US Patent App. 11/444,558, 2007
Beamforming methods and methods for using beams
H Lou, P Xia, M Ghosh, O Oteri, RL Olesen
US Patent 11,122,444, 2021
Optimal inspection planning for fatigue damage of offshore structures
HO Madsen, JD Sørensen, R Olesen
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Structural Safety and …, 1990
Method and apparatus for sending hybrid automatic repeat request feedback for component carrier aggregation
KJL Pan, AY Tsai, RL Olesen, SN Nazar
US Patent 8,514,883, 2013
Non-legacy preamble for wireless local area networks
M Ghosh, NB Shah, SA Grandhi, RG Murias, G Zhang, X Wang, H Lou, ...
US Patent App. 13/530,576, 2012
Quality control scheme for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems
CS Koo, RL Olesen
US Patent 7,864,659, 2011
Method and apparatus for transmission management in a wireless communication system
M Sammour, SA Grandhi, RL Olesen
US Patent 8,619,658, 2013
Multiplexing uplink l1/l2 control and data
C Koo, KJL Pan, RL Olesen, SN Nazar, M Rudolf, P Marinier
US Patent App. 12/854,260, 2011
Method and apparatus to improve channel quality for use in wireless communications systems with multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antennas
RL Olesen, J Kwak, A Bultan
US Patent 7,583,982, 2009
Method and apparatus for calibration and channel state feedback to support transmit beamforming in a MIMO system
CS Koo, J Wang, RL Olesen, A Chandra, PJ Voltz, CP Yen
US Patent 7,920,533, 2011
Power control methods and procedures for wireless local area networks
O Oteri, P Xia, H Lou, M Ghosh, RL Olesen, NB Shah, F La Sita
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