Michel Galley
Michel Galley
Sr. Principal Researcher at Microsoft
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A diversity-promoting objective function for neural conversation models
J Li, M Galley, C Brockett, J Gao, B Dolan
Proc. of NAACL-HLT, 2016
Deep reinforcement learning for dialogue generation
J Li, W Monroe, A Ritter, M Galley, J Gao, D Jurafsky
Proc. of EMNLP, 2016
DialoGPT: Large-scale generative pre-training for conversational response generation
Y Zhang, S Sun, M Galley, YC Chen, C Brockett, X Gao, J Gao, J Liu, ...
Proc. of ACL, Demonstration Session, 2019
A persona-based neural conversation model
J Li, M Galley, C Brockett, GP Spithourakis, J Gao, B Dolan
Proc. of ACL, 2016
A neural network approach to context-sensitive generation of conversational responses
A Sordoni, M Galley, M Auli, C Brockett, Y Ji, M Mitchell, JY Nie, J Gao, ...
Proc. of NAACL-HLT, 2015
Neural approaches to conversational AI
J Gao, M Galley, L Li
Foundations and Trends in Information Retrieval, 2019
What's in a translation rule?
M Galley, M Hopkins, K Knight, D Marcu
Proc. of HLT-NAACL, 2004
A knowledge-grounded neural conversation model
M Ghazvininejad, C Brockett, MW Chang, B Dolan, J Gao, W Yih, ...
Proc. of AAAI, 2018
Instruction tuning with GPT-4
B Peng, C Li, P He, M Galley, J Gao
arXiv preprint arXiv:2304.03277, 2023
Scalable inference and training of context-rich syntactic translation models
M Galley, J Graehl, K Knight, D Marcu, S DeNeefe, W Wang, I Thayer
Proc. of ACL-COLING, 961-968, 2006
Discourse segmentation of multi-party conversation
M Galley, K McKeown, E Fosler-Lussier, H Jing
Proc. of ACL, 562-569, 2003
Visual storytelling
THK Huang, F Ferraro, N Mostafazadeh, I Misra, A Agrawal, J Devlin, ...
Proc. of NAACL-HLT, 1233-1239, 2016
Optimizing Chinese word segmentation for machine translation performance
PC Chang, M Galley, CD Manning
Proc. of the workshop on statistical machine translation (WMT), 224-232, 2008
A simple and effective hierarchical phrase reordering model
M Galley, CD Manning
Proc. of EMNLP, 2008
Understanding emotions in text using deep learning and big data
A Chatterjee, U Gupta, MK Chinnakotla, R Srikanth, M Galley, P Agrawal
Computers in Human Behavior 93, 309-317, 2019
Joint Language and Translation Modeling with Recurrent Neural Networks.
M Auli, M Galley, C Quirk, G Zweig
Proc. of EMNLP, 2013
Generating informative and diverse conversational responses via adversarial information maximization
Y Zhang, M Galley, J Gao, Z Gan, X Li, C Brockett, B Dolan
Proc. of NeurIPS, 1815-1825, 2018
Check your facts and try again: Improving large language models with external knowledge and automated feedback
B Peng, M Galley, P He, H Cheng, Y Xie, Y Hu, Q Huang, L Liden, Z Yu, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2302.12813, 2023
Improving word sense disambiguation in lexical chaining
M Galley, K McKeown
Proc. of IJCAI, 2003
Identifying agreement and disagreement in conversational speech: Use of bayesian networks to model pragmatic dependencies
M Galley, K McKeown, J Hirschberg, E Shriberg
Proc. of ACL, 669, 2004
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