Miklos Gyulassy
Miklos Gyulassy
Professor of Physics Emeritus, Columbia University
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HIJING: A Monte Carlo model for multiple jet production in pp, pA, and AA collisions
XN Wang, M Gyulassy
Physical Review D 44 (11), 3501, 1991
HIJING 1.0: a Monte Carlo program for parton and particle production in high energy hadronic and nuclear collisions
M Gyulassy, XN Wang
Computer Physics Communications 83 (2-3), 307-331, 1994
New forms of QCD matter discovered at RHIC
M Gyulassy, L McLerran
Nuclear Physics A 750 (1), 30-63, 2005
Gluon shadowing and jet quenching in A+A collisions at √s =200A GeV
XN Wang, M Gyulassy
Physical Review Letters 68 (10), 1480, 1992
Jet quenching in dense matter
M Gyulassy, M Plumer
Multiple collisions and induced gluon Bremsstrahlung in QCD
M Gyulassy, X Wang
Nuclear Physics B 420 (3), 583-614, 1994
Reaction operator approach to non-Abelian energy loss
M Gyulassy, P Lévai, I Vitev
Nuclear Physics B 594 (1-2), 371-419, 2001
Pion interferometry of nuclear collisions. I. Theory
M Gyulassy, SK Kauffmann, LW Wilson
Physical Review C 20 (6), 2267, 1979
Non-Abelian energy loss at finite opacity
M Gyulassy, P Lévai, I Vitev
Physical Review Letters 85 (26), 5535, 2000
Elastic, inelastic, and path length fluctuations in jet tomography
S Wicks, W Horowitz, M Djordjevic, M Gyulassy
Nuclear Physics A 784 (1-4), 426-442, 2007
Dissipative phenomena in quark-gluon plasmas
P Danielewicz, M Gyulassy
Physical Review D 31 (1), 53, 1985
High p T azimuthal asymmetry in noncentral A+ A at RHIC
M Gyulassy, I Vitev, XN Wang
Physical Review Letters 86 (12), 2537, 2001
High- Tomography of and at SPS, RHIC, and LHC
I Vitev, M Gyulassy
Physical review letters 89 (25), 252301, 2002
Landau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal effect in QCD and radiative energy loss in a quark-gluon plasma
XN Wang, M Gyulassy, M Plümer
Physical Review D 51 (7), 3436, 1995
Quark damping and energy loss in the high temperature QCD
MH Thoma, M Gyulassy
Nucl. Phys. B 351 (3), 491-506, 1991
Heavy-ion collisions at the LHC—last call for predictions
N Armesto, N Borghini, S Jeon, UA Wiedemann, S Abreu, SV Akkelin, ...
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 35 (5), 054001, 2008
Signatures of quark-gluon plasma formation in high energy heavy-ion collisions: a critical review
SA Bass, M Gyulassy, H Stoecker, W Greiner
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 25 (3), R1, 1999
The time-delay signature of quark-gluon plasma formation in relativistic nuclear collisions
DH Rischke, M Gyulassy
Nuclear Physics A 608 (4), 479-512, 1996
Saturation of elliptic flow at RHIC: Results from the covariant elastic parton cascade model MPC
D Molnar, M Gyulassy
Nucl. Phys. A 697 (nucl-th/0104073), 495-520, 2001
Heavy quark radiative energy loss in QCD matter
M Djordjevic, M Gyulassy
Nuclear Physics A 733 (3-4), 265-298, 2004
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