Katya Pertsova
Katya Pertsova
Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
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Phonological concept learning
E Moreton, J Pater, K Pertsova
Cognitive science 41 (1), 4-69, 2017
How lexical conservatism can lead to paradigm gaps
K Pertsova
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Grounding systematic syncretism in learning
K Pertsova
Linguistic Inquiry 42 (2), 225-266, 2011
Learning form-meaning mappings in the presence of homonymy
K Pertsova
PhD diss., UCLA, 2007
Learning form-meaning mappings in presence of homonymy: A linguistically motivated model of learning inflection
K Pertsova
University of California, Los Angeles, 2007
Distribution of genitive plural allomorphs in the Russian lexicon and in the internal grammar of native speakers
K Pertsova
University of California, Los Angeles, 2004
Implicit and explicit processes in phonotactic learning
E Moreton, K Pertsova
Proceedings of the 40th Boston University Conference on Language Development …, 2016
Asymmetries in priming of verbal and nominal inflectional affixes in Russian
S VanWagenen, K Pertsova
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Emergent positional privilege in novel English blends
E Moreton, JL Smith, K Pertsova, R Broad, B Prickett
Language 93 (2), 347-380, 2017
Transderivational relations and paradigm gaps in Russian verbs
K Pertsova
Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 1 (1), 2016
Emergent noun faithfulness in novel English blends
JL Smith, E Moreton, K Pertsova, R Broad
Refereed talk given at the 22nd Manchester Phonology Meeting (MFM), May 31, 2014
Pastry phonotactics: Is phonological learning special
E Moreton, K Pertsova
Proceedings of NELS 43 (2), 1-12, 2014
Logical complexity in morphological learning
K Pertsova
Proceedings of the Berkeley Linguistics Society, 401-414, 2012
How to evaluate humorous response generation, seriously?
P Braslavski, V Blinov, V Bolotova, K Pertsova
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Emergent faithfulness to proper nouns in novel English blends
R Broad, B Prickett, E Moreton, K Pertsova, JL Smith
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Interaction of morphological and phonological markedness in Russian genitive plural allomorphy
K Pertsova
Morphology 25 (2), 229-266, 2015
Linguistic categorization and complexity
K Pertsova
Proceedings of the Twelfth Meeting of the Special Interest Group on …, 2012
Experimental evidence for lexical conservatism in Russian: Defective verbs revisited
K Pertsova, J Kuznetsova
Proceedings of FASL 24, 2015
Logical Complexity in Morphological Learning: effects of structure and null/overt affixation on learning paradigms
K Pertsova
Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society 38, 401-413, 2012
Matthew Baerman, Greville G. Corbett, Dunstan Brown & Andrew Hippisley (eds.), Deponency and morphological mismatches (Proceedings of the British Academy 145). Oxford: Oxford …
K Pertsova
Journal of Linguistics 45 (1), 203-208, 2009
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