Olivier SIRE
Olivier SIRE
Professeur de Biophysique, IRDL UMR CNRS 67444, Université Bretagne Sud
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Influence of chemical treatments on surface properties and adhesion of flax fibre–polyester resin
C Baley, F Busnel, Y Grohens, O Sire
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 37 (10), 1626-1637, 2006
Microplastic contamination of packaged meat: Occurrence and associated risks
M Kedzierski, B Lechat, O Sire, G Le Maguer, V Le Tilly, S Bruzaud
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Threat of plastic ageing in marine environment. Adsorption/desorption of micropollutants
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Nitrite effect on nitrous oxide emission from denitrifying activated sludge
A Alinsafi, N Adouani, F Béline, T Lendormi, L Limousy, O Sire
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IR optical fiber sensor for biomedical applications
J Keirsse, C Boussard-Pledel, O Loreal, O Sire, B Bureau, P Leroyer, ...
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Enhancement of the biofilm formation on polymeric supports by surface conditioning
D Hadjiev, D Dimitrov, M Martinov, O Sire
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Effect of the carbon source on N2O emissions during biological denitrification
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Metabolic imaging of tissues by infrared fiber-optic spectroscopy: an efficient tool for medical diagnosis
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Chalcogenide glass fibers used as biosensors
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N2O and NO emissions during wastewater denitrification step: Influence of temperature on the biological process
N Adouani, L Limousy, T Lendormi, O Sire
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Chalcogenide optical fibers for mid-infrared sensing
B Bureau, C Boussard, S Cui, R Chahal, ML Anne, V Nazabal, O Sire, ...
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Bacterial Swarming:  A Biochemical Time-Resolved FTIR−ATR Study of Proteus mirabilis Swarm-Cell Differentiation
M Gué, V Dupont, A Dufour, O Sire
Biochemistry 40 (39), 11938-11945, 2001
Flax and hemp nonwoven composites: The contribution of interfacial bonding to improving tensile properties
J Merotte, A Le Duigou, A Kervoelen, A Bourmaud, K Behlouli, O Sire, ...
Polymer Testing 66, 303-311, 2018
Fiber evanescent wave spectroscopy using the mid-infrared provides useful fingerprints for metabolic profiling in humans
ML Anne, C Le Lan, V Monbet, C Boussard-Plédel, M Ropert, O Sire, ...
Journal of Biomedical Optics 14 (5), 054033-054033-9, 2009
Investigation of the mechanical properties of flax cell walls during plant development: the relation between performance and cell wall structure
C Goudenhooft, D Siniscalco, O Arnould, A Bourmaud, O Sire, ...
Fibers 6 (1), 6, 2018
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