Vladimir Ya. Shur
Vladimir Ya. Shur
Professor of Physics, Ural Federal University
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Kinetics of Ferroelectric Domains: Application of General Approach to LiNbO3 and LiTaO3
V.Ya. Shur
Journal of Materials Science, 41 (1), 199-210, 2006
Backswitch poling in lithium niobate for high-fidelity domain patterning and efficient blue light generation
RG Batchko, VY Shur, MM Fejer, RL Byer
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VY Shur, AR Akhmatkhanov, IS Baturin
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Nanoscale backswitched domain patterning in lithium niobate
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Silica–gold nanoparticles for atheroprotective management of plaques: results of the NANOM-FIM trial
AN Kharlamov, AE Tyurnina, VS Veselova, OP Kovtun, VY Shur, ...
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Intermittency, quasiperiodicity and chaos in probe-induced ferroelectric domain switching
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Achieve ultrahigh energy storage performance in BaTiO3–Bi (Mg1/2Ti1/2) O3 relaxor ferroelectric ceramics via nano-scale polarization mismatch and reconstruction
Q Hu, Y Tian, Q Zhu, J Bian, L Jin, H Du, DO Alikin, VY Shur, Y Feng, Z Xu, ...
Nano Energy 67, 104264, 2020
Formation and evolution of charged domain walls in congruent lithium niobate
VY Shur, EL Rumyantsev, EV Nikolaeva, EI Shishkin
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Comparative in vivo assessment of some adverse bioeffects of equidimensional gold and silver nanoparticles and the attenuation of nanosilver’s effects with a complex of …
BA Katsnelson, LI Privalova, VB Gurvich, OH Makeyev, VY Shur, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 14 (2), 2449-2483, 2013
Regular ferroelectric domain array in lithium niobate crystals for nonlinear optic applications
VY Shur, EL Rumyantsev, EV Nikolaeva, EI Shishkin, RG Batchko, ...
Ferroelectrics 236 (1), 129-144, 2000
Continuous-wave quasi-phase-matched generation of 60 mW at 465 nm by single-pass frequency doubling of a laser diode in backswitch-poled lithium niobate
RG Batchko, MM Fejer, RL Byer, D Woll, R Wallenstein, VY Shur, L Erman
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Domain engineering in lithium niobate and lithium tantalate: domain wall motion
VY Shur
Ferroelectrics 340 (1), 3-16, 2006
Kinetics of ferroelectric domain structure: Retardation effects
VY Shur, EL Rumyantsev
Ferroelectrics 191 (1), 319-333, 1997
Correlated nucleation and self-organized kinetics of ferroelectric domains
VY Shur
Nucleation theory and applications, 178-214, 2008
Physical basis of the domain engineering in the bulk ferroelectrics
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Finite size and intrinsic field effect on the polar-active properties of ferroelectric-semiconductor heterostructures
AN Morozovska, EA Eliseev, SV Svechnikov, AD Krutov, VY Shur, ...
Physical Review B 81 (20), 205308, 2010
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