Pedro A. Sánchez
Pedro A. Sánchez
Computational Physics, University of Vienna
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Thermo-Optical “Canard Orbits” and Excitable Limit Cycles
F Marino, G Catalán, P Sánchez, S Balle, O Piro
Physical Review Letters 92 (7), 73901, 2004
Effects of the dipolar interaction on the equilibrium morphologies of a single supramolecular magnetic filament in bulk
PA Sánchez, JJ Cerdà, T Sintes, C Holm
The Journal of Chemical Physics 139, 044904, 2013
Phase diagram for a single flexible Stockmayer polymer at zero field
JJ Cerdà, PA Sánchez, C Holm, T Sintes
Soft Matter 9, 7185-7195, 2013
Importance of matrix inelastic deformations in the initial response of magnetic elastomers
PA Sánchez, T Gundermann, A Dobroserdova, SS Kantorovich, ...
Soft Matter 14 (11), 2170-2183, 2018
Semiflexible magnetic filaments near attractive flat surfaces: a Langevin dynamics study
PA Sánchez, JJ Cerdà, V Ballenegger, T Sintes, O Piro, C Holm
Soft Matter 7 (5), 1809-1818, 2011
Surface relief of magnetoactive elastomeric films in a homogeneous magnetic field: molecular dynamics simulations
PA Sánchez, ES Minina, SS Kantorovich, EY Kramarenko
Soft Matter 15 (2), 175-189, 2019
The influence of the magnetic filler concentration on the properties of a microgel particle: zero-field case
ES Minina, PA Sánchez, CN Likos, SS Kantorovich
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 459, 226-230, 2017
The effect of links on the interparticle dipolar correlations in supramolecular magnetic filaments
PA Sánchez, JJ Cerdà, TM Sintes, AO Ivanov, SS Kantorovich
Soft Matter 11, 2963-2972, 2015
Supramolecular Magnetic Brushes: The Impact of Dipolar Interactions on the Equilibrium Structure
PA Sánchez, ES Pyanzina, EV Novak, JJ Cerdà, T Sintes, SS Kantorovich
Macromolecules 48 (20), 7658–7669, 2015
Bistable self-assembly in homogeneous colloidal systems for flexible modular architectures
G Steinbach, D Nissen, M Albrecht, EV Novak, PA Sánchez, ...
Soft Matter 12 (10), 2737-2743, 2016
Layer-by-layer formation of oligoelectrolyte multilayers: a combined experimental and computational study
S Micciulla, PA Sánchez, J Smiatek, B Qiao, M Sega, A Laschewsky, ...
Soft Materials 12, S14-S21, 2014
Magnetic filament brushes: tuning the properties of a magnetoresponsive supracolloidal coating
PA Sánchez, ES Pyanzina, EV Novak, JJ Cerdà, T Sintes, SS Kantorovich
Faraday Discussions 186, 241-263, 2016
Flexible magnetic filaments under the influence of external magnetic fields in the limit of infinite dilution
JJ Cerdà, PA Sánchez, D Lüsebrink, S Kantorovich, T Sintes
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (18), 12616-12625, 2016
Modeling the magnetostriction effect in elastomers with magnetically soft and hard particles
PA Sánchez, OV Stolbov, SS Kantorovich, YL Raikher
Soft Matter 15, 7145--7158, 2019
Field-responsive colloidal assemblies defined by magnetic anisotropy
G Steinbach, M Schreiber, D Nissen, M Albrecht, E Novak, PA Sánchez, ...
Physical Review E 100, 012608, 2019
Self-assembly of polymer-like structures of magnetic colloids: Langevin dynamics study of basic topologies
DA Rozhkov, ES Pyanzina, EV Novak, JJ Cerdà, T Sintes, M Ronti, ...
Molecular Simulation 44 (6), 507-515, 2018
Self-assembly of designed supramolecular magnetic filaments of different shapes
EV Novak, DA Rozhkov, PA Sanchez, SS Kantorovich
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 431, 152-156, 2017
Studying synthesis confinement effects on the internal structure of nanogels in computer simulations
ES Minina, PA Sánchez, CN Likos, SS Kantorovich
Journal of Molecular Liquids 289, 111066, 2019
Scattering properties and internal structure of magnetic filament brushes
ES Pyanzina, PA Sánchez, JJ Cerdà, T Sintes, SS Kantorovich
Soft Matter 13, 2590 --2602, 2017
Influence of microstructure on the transitions between mesoscopic thin-film morphologies in ballistic-diffusive models
PA Sánchez, T Sintes, JHE Cartwright, O Piro
Physical Review E 81 (1), 011140, 2010
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