Viktor Dremin
Viktor Dremin
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Individual variability analysis of fluorescence parameters measured in skin with different levels of nutritive blood flow
AV Dunaev, VV Dremin, EA Zherebtsov, IE Rafailov, KS Litvinova, ...
Medical engineering & physics 37 (6), 574-583, 2015
Multimodal optical measurement for study of lower limb tissue viability in patients with diabetes mellitus
VV Dremin, EA Zherebtsov, VV Sidorov, AI Krupatkin, IN Makovik, ...
Journal of Biomedical Optics 22 (8), 085003, 2017
Hyperspectral imaging of human skin aided by artificial neural networks
E Zherebtsov, V Dremin, A Popov, A Doronin, D Kurakina, M Kirillin, ...
Biomedical optics express 10 (7), 3545-3559, 2019
Computational model of bladder tissue based on its measured optical properties
IE Rafailov, VV Dremin, KS Litvinova, AV Dunaev, SG Sokolovski, ...
Journal of Biomedical Optics 21 (2), 025006, 2016
How the melanin concentration in the skin affects the fluorescence-spectroscopy signal formation
VV Dremin, AV Dunaev
Journal of Optical Technology 83 (1), 43-48, 2016
The development of attenuation compensation models of fluorescence spectroscopy signals
VV Dremin, EA Zherebtsov, IE Rafailov, AY Vinokurov, IN Novikova, ...
Saratov Fall Meeting 2015: Third International Symposium on Optics and …, 2016
Spectral analysis of the blood flow in the foot microvascular bed during thermal testing in patients with diabetes mellitus
I Mizeva, E Zharkikh, V Dremin, E Zherebtsov, I Makovik, E Potapova, ...
Microvascular research 120, 13-20, 2018
Dynamic evaluation of blood flow microcirculation by combined use of the laser Doppler flowmetry and high‐speed videocapillaroscopy methods
V Dremin, I Kozlov, M Volkov, N Margaryants, A Potemkin, E Zherebtsov, ...
Journal of biophotonics 12 (6), e201800317, 2019
The blood perfusion and NADH/FAD content combined analysis in patients with diabetes foot
VV Dremin, VV Sidorov, AI Krupatkin, GR Galstyan, IN Novikova, ...
Advanced Biomedical and Clinical Diagnostic and Surgical Guidance Systems …, 2016
A novel excitation-emission wavelength model to facilitate the diagnosis of urinary bladder diseases
I Rafailov, S Palmer, K Litvinova, V Dremin, AV Dunaev, G Nabi
Photonic Therapeutics and Diagnostics XI 9303, 93030W, 2015
Influence of blood pulsation on diagnostic volume in pulse oximetry and photoplethysmography measurements
V Dremin, E Zherebtsov, A Bykov, A Popov, A Doronin, I Meglinski
Applied optics 58 (34), 9398-9405, 2019
Evaluation of blood microcirculation parameters by combined use of laser Doppler flowmetry and videocapillaroscopy methods
MV Volkov, DA Kostrova, NB Margaryants, IP Gurov, NP Erofeev, ...
Saratov Fall Meeting 2016: Optical Technologies in Biophysics and Medicine …, 2017
The influence of local pressure on evaluation parameters of skin blood perfusion and fluorescence
EA Zherebtsov, KY Kandurova, ES Seryogina, IO Kozlov, VV Dremin, ...
Saratov Fall Meeting 2016: Optical Technologies in Biophysics and Medicine …, 2017
Fiber-optic system for intraoperative study of abdominal organs during minimally invasive surgical interventions
K Kandurova, V Dremin, E Zherebtsov, E Potapova, A Alyanov, ...
Applied Sciences 9 (2), 217, 2019
Detection of angiospastic disorders in the microcirculatory bed using laser diagnostics technologies
IN Makovik, AV Dunaev, VV Dremin, AI Krupatkin, VV Sidorov, ...
Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences 11 (01), 1750016, 2018
Fibre-optic probe for fluorescence diagnostics with blood influence compensation
E Zherebtsov, V Dremin, E Zharkikh, A Zherebtsova, I Rafailov, A Dunaev, ...
Dynamics and Fluctuations in Biomedical Photonics XV 10493, 104931L, 2018
Multimodal optical diagnostics of the microhaemodynamics in upper and lower limbs
AI Zherebtsova, VV Dremin, IN Makovik, EA Zherebtsov, AV Dunaev, ...
Frontiers in physiology 10, 416, 2019
Evaluation of microcirculatory disturbances in patients with rheumatic diseases by the method of diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
EV Potapova, VV Dremin, EA Zherebtsov, IN Makovik, AI Zherebtsova, ...
Human Physiology 43 (2), 222-228, 2017
Analysis individual variability of parameters of laser fluorescence diagnostics
AV Dunaev, VV Dremin, EA Zherebtsov, SG Palmer, SG Sokolovski, ...
Biotechnosphere 2 (26), 39-47, 2013
Interaction of oxidative stress and misfolded proteins in the mechanism of neurodegeneration
AY Abramov, EV Potapova, VV Dremin, AV Dunaev
Life 10 (7), 101, 2020
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