Xian (Annie) Zhang
Xian (Annie) Zhang
Mechanical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, Columbia University
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Piezoelectricity of single-atomic-layer MoS2 for energy conversion and piezotronics
W Wu, L Wang, Y Li, F Zhang, L Lin, S Niu, D Chenet, X Zhang, Y Hao, ...
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Highly Stable, Dual-Gated MoS2 Transistors Encapsulated by Hexagonal Boron Nitride with Gate-Controllable Contact, Resistance, and Threshold Voltage
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Measurement of Lateral and Interfacial Thermal Conductivity of Single- and Bilayer MoS2 and MoSe2 Using Refined Optothermal Raman Technique
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Electronic polarizability as the fundamental variable in the dielectric properties of two-dimensional materials
T Tian, D Scullion, D Hughes, LH Li, CJ Shih, J Coleman, M Chhowalla, ...
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Experimental and Computational Investigation of Layer-Dependent Thermal Conductivities and Interfacial Thermal Conductance of One- to Three-Layer WSe2
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Chemical vapor deposition growth of a periodic array of single-layer MoS2 islands via lithographic patterning of an SiO2/Si substrate
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Controllable colloidal synthesis of tin (II) chalcogenide nanocrystals and their solution‐processed flexible thermoelectric thin films
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Excitons in Two-Dimensional Materials
X Zheng, X Zhang
Physics of Excitons 1, 1, 2019
Gate-tuned temperature in a hexagonal boron nitride-encapsulated 2-D semiconductor device
Y Li, F Ye, J Xu, W Zhang, PXL Feng, X Zhang
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 65 (10), 4068-4072, 2018
Fabrication of hundreds of field effect transistors on a single carbon nanotube for basic studies and molecular devices
X Zhang, D Chenet, B Kim, J Yu, J Tang, C Nuckolls, J Hone
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 31 (6), 2013
Characterization of Layer Number of Two‐Dimensional Transition Metal Diselenide Semiconducting Devices Using Si‐Peak Analysis
X Zhang
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 2019 (1), 7865698, 2019
Yumeng You, Tony F
X Zhang, D Sun, Y Li, GH Lee, X Cui, D Chenet
Heinz, and James C. Hone,“Measurement of lateral and interfacial thermal …, 2015
Ultra‐High Interfacial Thermal Conductance via Double hBN Encapsulation for Efficient Thermal Management of 2D Electronics
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Thermal transport in 2D materials
MH Kalantari, X Zhang
Nanomaterials 13 (1), 117, 2022
Drastic sensing enhancement using acoustic bubbles for surface-based microfluidic sensors
A De Vellis, D Gritsenko, Y Lin, Z Wu, X Zhang, Y Pan, W Xue, J Xu
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Identification and classification of exfoliated graphene flakes from microscopy images using a hierarchical deep convolutional neural network
S Mahjoubi, F Ye, Y Bao, W Meng, X Zhang
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 119 (105743), 2022
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