Semen Kurkin
Semen Kurkin
Leading Researcher, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
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Visual and kinesthetic modes affect motor imagery classification in untrained subjects
P Chholak, G Niso, VA Maksimenko, SA Kurkin, NS Frolov, EN Pitsik, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-12, 2019
Artificial neural network classification of motor-related eeg: An increase in classification accuracy by reducing signal complexity
VA Maksimenko, SA Kurkin, EN Pitsik, VY Musatov, AE Runnova, ...
Complexity 2018, 2018
Subterahertz chaos generation by coupling a superlattice to a linear resonator
AE Hramov, VV Makarov, AA Koronovskii, SA Kurkin, MB Gaifullin, ...
Physical review letters 112 (11), 116603, 2014
Microwave radiation power of relativistic electron beam with virtual cathode in the external magnetic field
SA Kurkin, AE Hramov, AA Koronovskii
Applied physics letters 103 (4), 043507, 2013
Explosive synchronization coexists with classical synchronization in the Kuramoto model
MM Danziger, OI Moskalenko, SA Kurkin, X Zhang, S Havlin, S Boccaletti
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 26 (6), 065307, 2016
Effect of self-magnetic fields on the nonlinear dynamics of relativistic electron beam with virtual cathode
AE Hramov, SA Kurkin, AA Koronovskii, AE Filatova
Physics of Plasmas 19 (11), 112101, 2012
Higher harmonics generation in relativistic electron beam with virtual cathode
SA Kurkin, AA Badarin, AA Koronovskii, AE Hramov
Physics of Plasmas 21 (9), 093105, 2014
Numerical study of chaotic oscillations in the electron beam with virtual cathode in the external non-uniform magnetic fields
AE Hramov, AA Koronovskii, S Kurkin
Physics Letters A 374 (30), 3057-3066, 2010
Beam-plasma instability in charged plasma in the absence of ions
AE Dubinov, AG Petrik, SA Kurkin, NS Frolov, AA Koronovskii, AE Hramov
Physics of Plasmas 23 (4), 042105, 2016
The development and interaction of instabilities in intense relativistic electron beams
SA Kurkin, AA Badarin, AA Koronovskii, AE Hramov
Physics of Plasmas 22 (12), 122110, 2015
The effect of an external signal on output microwave power of a low-voltage vircator
NS Phrolov, AA Koronovskii, YA Kalinin, SA Kurkin, AV Starodubov, ...
Physics Letters A 378 (32-33), 2423-2428, 2014
Functional networks of the brain: from connectivity restoration to dynamic integration
AE Khramov, NS Frolov, VA Maksimenko, SA Kurkin, VB Kazantsev, ...
Physics-Uspekhi 64 (6), 584, 2021
Effect of repetition on the behavioral and neuronal responses to ambiguous Necker cube images
V Maksimenko, A Kuc, N Frolov, S Kurkin, A Hramov
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 1-13, 2021
High-power microwave amplifier based on overcritical relativistic electron beam without external magnetic field
SA Kurkin, NS Frolov, AO Rak, AA Koronovskii, AA Kuraev, AE Hramov
Applied Physics Letters 106 (15), 153503, 2015
Machine learning approaches for classification of imaginary movement type by meg data for neurorehabilitation
S Kurkin, P Chholak, V Maksimenko, A Pisarchik
2019 3rd School on Dynamics of Complex Networks and their Application in …, 2019
Localizing oscillatory sources in a brain by meg data during cognitive activity
S Kurkin, A Hramov, P Chholak, A Pisarchik
2020 4th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Networks …, 2020
The oxygen saturation in the primary motor cortex during a single hand movement: functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fnirs) study
S Kurkin, A Badarin, V Grubov, V Maksimenko, A Hramov
The European Physical Journal Plus 136 (5), 548, 2021
Phase-amplitude coupling between mu-and gamma-waves to carry motor commands
P Chholak, AN Pisarchik, SA Kurkin, VA Maksimenko, AE Hramov
2019 3rd School on Dynamics of Complex Networks and their Application in …, 2019
Event-related coherence in visual cortex and brain noise: An meg study
P Chholak, SA Kurkin, AE Hramov, AN Pisarchik
Applied Sciences 11 (1), 375, 2021
Formation and nonlinear dynamics of the squeezed state of a helical electron beam with additional deceleration
EN Egorov, AA Koronovskii, SA Kurkin, AE Hramov
Plasma Physics Reports 39 (11), 925-935, 2013
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