Frank Slack
Frank Slack
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Oncomirs—microRNAs with a role in cancer
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MicroRNA therapeutics: towards a new era for the management of cancer and other diseases
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Small non-coding RNAs in animal development
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Non-coding RNA networks in cancer
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OncomiR addiction in an in vivo model of microRNA-21-induced pre-B-cell lymphoma
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The role of non-coding RNAs in oncology
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Integrative Analysis of the Caenorhabditis elegans Genome by the modENCODE Project
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MicroRNAs en route to the clinic: progress in validating and targeting microRNAs for cancer therapy
AL Kasinski, FJ Slack
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The lin-41 RBCC gene acts in the C. elegans heterochronic pathway between the let-7 regulatory RNA and the LIN-29 transcription factor
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MicroRNA silencing for cancer therapy targeted to the tumour microenvironment
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A SNP in a let-7 microRNA complementary site in the KRAS 3′ untranslated region increases non–small cell lung cancer risk
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Systemic delivery of tumor suppressor microRNA mimics using a neutral lipid emulsion inhibits lung tumors in mice
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The let-7 microRNA reduces tumor growth in mouse models of lung cancer
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OncomiR or tumor suppressor? The duplicity of microRNAs in cancer
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let-7 microRNAs in development, stem cells and cancer
I Büssing, FJ Slack, H Großhans
Trends in molecular medicine 14 (9), 400-409, 2008
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