Huiliang (Evan) Wang
Huiliang (Evan) Wang
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
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Flexible polymer transistors with high pressure sensitivity for application in electronic skin and health monitoring
G Schwartz, BCK Tee, J Mei, AL Appleton, DH Kim, H Wang, Z Bao
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Solution-Processed Graphene/MnO2 Nanostructured Textiles for High-Performance Electrochemical Capacitors
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Enhancing the Supercapacitor Performance of Graphene/MnO2 Nanostructured Electrodes by Conductive Wrapping
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A skin-inspired organic digital mechanoreceptor
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Soft and elastic hydrogel-based microelectronics for localized low-voltage neuromodulation
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Next-generation probes, particles, and proteins for neural interfacing
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Selective dispersion of high purity semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes with regioregular poly (3-alkylthiophene) s
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Technology roadmap for flexible sensors
Y Luo, MR Abidian, JH Ahn, D Akinwande, AM Andrews, M Antonietti, ...
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Mechanically Durable and Highly Stretchable Transistors Employing Carbon Nanotube Semiconductor and Electrodes.
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Tuning the threshold voltage of carbon nanotube transistors by n-type molecular doping for robust and flexible complementary circuits
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Genetically targeted chemical assembly of functional materials in living cells, tissues, and animals
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Large-area assembly of densely aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes using solution shearing and their application to field-effect transistors.
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Significant enhancement of infrared photodetector sensitivity using a semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotube/C60 phototransistor.
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H-bonded supramolecular polymer for the selective dispersion and subsequent release of large-diameter semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes
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Sono-optogenetics facilitated by a circulation-delivered rechargeable light source for minimally invasive optogenetics
X Wu, X Zhu, P Chong, J Liu, LN Andre, KS Ong, K Brinson Jr, AI Mahdi, ...
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Conjugated polymer sorting of semiconducting carbon nanotubes and their electronic applications
H Wang, Z Bao
Nano Today 10 (6), 737-758, 2015
High-yield sorting of small-diameter carbon nanotubes for solar cells and transistors
H Wang, GI Koleilat, P Liu, G Jiménez-Osés, YC Lai, M Vosgueritchian, ...
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Scalable and Selective Dispersion of Semiconducting Arc-Discharged Carbon Nanotubes by Dithiafulvalene/Thiophene Copolymers for Thin Film Transistors
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Solvent effects on polymer sorting of carbon nanotubes with applications in printed electronics
H Wang, B Hsieh, G Jiménez‐Osés, P Liu, CJ Tassone, Y Diao, T Lei, ...
Small 11 (1), 126-133, 2015
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