Yiqing Zhou
Yiqing Zhou
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Heterogeneous vehicular networking: A survey on architecture, challenges, and solutions
K Zheng, Q Zheng, P Chatzimisios, W Xiang, Y Zhou
IEEE communications surveys & tutorials 17 (4), 2377-2396, 2015
Downlink transmission of broadband OFCDM systems-part I: Hybrid detection
Y Zhou, J Wang, M Sawahashi
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Coordinated multipoint transmission in dense cellular networks with user-centric adaptive clustering
V Garcia, Y Zhou, J Shi
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 13 (8), 4297-4308, 2014
OFCDM: a promising broadband wireless access technique
Y Zhou, TS Ng, J Wang, K Higuchi, M Sawahashi
IEEE Communications Magazine 46 (3), 38-49, 2008
Broadband wireless communications on high speed trains
Y Zhou, Z Pan, J Hu, J Shi, X Mo
2011 20th Annual Wireless and Optical Communications Conference (WOCC), 1-6, 2011
Two-stage cooperative multicast transmission with optimized power consumption and guaranteed coverage
Y Zhou, H Liu, Z Pan, L Tian, J Shi, G Yang
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 32 (2), 274-284, 2013
Matrix-monotonic optimization for MIMO systems
C Xing, S Ma, Y Zhou
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 63 (2), 334-348, 2014
Fog computing enabled future mobile communication networks: A convergence of communication and computing
Y Zhou, L Tian, L Liu, Y Qi
IEEE Communications Magazine 57 (5), 20-27, 2019
Load aware joint CoMP clustering and inter-cell resource scheduling in heterogeneous ultra dense cellular networks
L Liu, Y Zhou, V Garcia, L Tian, J Shi
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 67 (3), 2741-2755, 2017
Broadband LEO satellite communications: Architectures and key technologies
Y Su, Y Liu, Y Zhou, J Yuan, H Cao, J Shi
IEEE Wireless Communications 26 (2), 55-61, 2019
A super base station based centralized network architecture for 5G mobile communication systems
M Qian, Y Wang, Y Zhou, L Tian, J Shi
Digital Communications and Networks 1 (2), 152-159, 2015
Downlink transmission of broadband OFCDM systems-Part II: Effect of Doppler Shift
Y Zhou, J Wang, M Sawahashi
IEEE transactions on Communications 54 (6), 1097-1108, 2006
QoS guaranteed resource block allocation algorithm for LTE systems
N Guan, Y Zhou, L Tian, G Sun, J Shi
2011 IEEE 7th International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing …, 2011
Performance analysis on MIMO-OFCDM systems with multi-code transmission
Y Zhou, TS Ng
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 8 (9), 4426-4433, 2009
Optimum subpacket transmission for hybrid ARQ systems
Y Zhou, J Wang
IEEE transactions on communications 54 (5), 934-942, 2006
Service aware 6G: An intelligent and open network based on convergence of communication, computing and caching
Y Zhou, L Liu, L Wang, N Hui, X Cui, J Wu, Y Peng, Y Qi, C Xing
Digital Communications and Networks, 2020
An overview on intercell interference management in mobile cellular networks: From 2G to 5G
Y Zhou, L Liu, H Du, L Tian, X Wang, J Shi
2014 IEEE International Conference on Communication Systems, 217-221, 2014
Transceiver optimization for multi-hop communications with per-antenna power constraints
C Xing, Y Ma, Y Zhou, F Gao
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 64 (6), 1519-1534, 2015
Performance Analysis of DF Cooperative Diversity System With OSTBC Over Spatially Correlated Nakagami- Fading Channels
K Yang, J Yang, J Wu, C Xing, Y Zhou
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 63 (3), 1270-1281, 2013
Impact of LPF mismatch on I/Q imbalance in direct conversion receivers
Y Zhou, Z Pan
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 10 (6), 1702-1708, 2011
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