Laurent Doyen
Laurent Doyen
Assistant Professor, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, France
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Classes of imperfect repair models based on reduction of failure intensity or virtual age
L Doyen, O Gaudoin
Reliability Engineering & System Safety 84 (1), 45-56, 2004
Modeling and assessment of aging and efficiency of corrective and planned preventive maintenance
L Doyen, O Gaudoin
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L Doyen, O Gaudoin
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Optimal inspection and replacement policy based on experimental degradation data with covariates
X Zhao, O Gaudoin, L Doyen, M Xie
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On geometric reduction of age or intensity models for imperfect maintenance
L Doyen, O Gaudoin, A Syamsundar
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An example of integrated approach to technical and economic optimization of maintenance
E Remy, F Corset, S Despréaux, L Doyen, O Gaudoin
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Asymptotic properties of imperfect repair models and estimation of repair efficiency
L Doyen
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A generic framework for generalized virtual age models
L Doyen, R Drouilhet, L Brenière
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On the Brown–Proschan model when repair effects are unknown
L Doyen
Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 27 (6), 600-618, 2011
Bayesian analysis of ARA imperfect repair models
F Corset, L Doyen, O Gaudoin
Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods 41 (21), 3915-3941, 2012
Parametric bootstrap goodness-of-fit tests for imperfect maintenance models
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Virtual age models with time-dependent covariates: A framework for simulation, parametric inference and quality of estimation
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Modélisation et évaluation de l'efficacité de la maintenance des systèmes réparables
L Doyen
Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble-INPG, 2004
Accelerated degradation tests with inspection effects
X Zhao, P Chen, O Gaudoin, L Doyen
European Journal of Operational Research 292 (3), 1099-1114, 2021
Modeling multivariate degradation processes with time‐variant covariates and imperfect maintenance effects
X Wang, O Gaudoin, L Doyen, C Bérenguer, M Xie
Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 37 (3), 592-611, 2021
Repair efficiency estimation in the ARI1 imperfect repair model
L Doyen
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Semi-parametric estimation of Brown–Proschan preventive maintenance effects and intrinsic wear-out
L Doyen
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 77, 206-222, 2014
Reliability analysis and joint assessment of Brown–Proschan preventive maintenance efficiency and intrinsic wear-out
L Doyen
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 56 (12), 4433-4449, 2012
Modelling and assessing maintenance efficiency of repairable systems
L Doyen
HAL 2004, 2004
Conditionally independent generalized competing risks for maintenance analysis
T Bedford
Advances in mathematical modeling for reliability, 88, 2008
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