Andriy Kovalskiy
Andriy Kovalskiy
Professor of Physics, Austin Peay State University
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Structure of Se-rich As-Se glasses by high-resolution x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
R Golovchak, A Kovalskiy, AC Miller, H Jain, O Shpotyuk
Physical Review B 76 (12), 125208, 2007
Chalcogenide glass e-beam and photoresists for ultrathin grayscale patterning
A Kovalskiy, J Cech, M Vlcek, CM Waits, M Dubey, WR Heffner, H Jain
Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS and MOEMS 8 (4), 043012-043012-11, 2009
Structural model of homogeneous As–S glasses derived from Raman spectroscopy and high-resolution XPS
R Golovchak, O Shpotyuk, JS McCloy, BJ Riley, CF Windisch, ...
Philosophical Magazine 90 (34), 4489-4501, 2010
Structural paradigm of Se-rich Ge–Se glasses by high-resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
R Golovchak, O Shpotyuk, S Kozyukhin, A Kovalskiy, AC Miller, H Jain
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (10), 2009
Oxygen incorporation into GST phase-change memory matrix
R Golovchak, YG Choi, S Kozyukhin, Y Chigirinsky, A Kovalskiy, ...
Applied Surface Science 332, 533-541, 2015
Development of chalcogenide glass photoresists for gray scale lithography
A Kovalskiy, M Vlcek, H Jain, A Fiserova, CM Waits, M Dubey
Journal of non-crystalline solids 352 (6-7), 589-594, 2006
An XPS study of the early stages of silver photodiffusion in Ag/a-As2S3 films
H Jain, A Kovalskiy, A Miller
Journal of non-crystalline solids 352 (6-7), 562-566, 2006
Effect of gamma-irradiation on the optical properties of GexAs40− xS60 glasses
OI Shpotyuk, AP Kovalskiy, E Skordeva, E Vateva, D Arsova, ...
Physica B: Condensed Matter 271 (1-4), 242-247, 1999
Mechanism of the dissolution of As–S chalcogenide glass in n-butylamine and its influence on the structure of spin coated layers
S Slang, K Palka, L Loghina, A Kovalskiy, H Jain, M Vlcek
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 426, 125-131, 2015
Fabrication of nano-gratings in arsenic sulphide films
JR Neilson, A Kovalskiy, M Vlček, H Jain, F Miller
Journal of non-crystalline solids 353 (13-15), 1427-1430, 2007
Thermoelectrical degradation processes in NTC thermistors for in-rush current protection of electronic circuits
O Mrooz, A Kovalski, J Pogorzelska, O Shpotyuk, M Vakiv, B Butkiewicz, ...
Microelectronics Reliability 41 (5), 773-777, 2001
Radiation-induced changes of amorphous As2S3 physical properties
OI Shpotyuk, AO Matkovsky, AP Kovalsky, MM Vakiv
Radiation effects and defects in solids 133 (1), 1-4, 1995
Long-term physical ageing in As–Se glasses with short chalcogen chains
R Golovchak, O Shpotyuk, A Kozdras, M Vlček, B Bureau, A Kovalskiy, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20 (24), 245101, 2008
Reversible radiation effects in vitreous As2S3. I. changes of physical properties
OI Shpotyuk, AP Kovalskiy, MM Vakiv, OY Mrooz
physica status solidi (a) 144 (2), 277-283, 1994
Structure of SnF2-SnO-P2O5 glasses
J York-Winegar, T Harper, C Brennan, J Oelgoetz, A Kovalskiy
Physics Procedia 44, 159-165, 2013
In Situ Measurements of X‐Ray‐Induced Silver Diffusion into a Ge30Se70 Thin Film
A Kovalskiy, AC Miller, H Jain, M Mitkova
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 91 (3), 760-765, 2008
Radiation–optical effects in glassy Ge–As (Sb)–S systems
OI Shpotyuk, RY Golovchak, TS Kavetsky, AP Kovalskiy, MM Vakiv
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2000
Coordination defects in bismuth-modified arsenic selenide glasses: High-resolution x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy measurements
R Golovchak, O Shpotyuk, A Kovalskiy, AC Miller, J Čech, H Jain
Physical Review B 77 (17), 172201, 2008
Comparative study of electron-and photo-induced structural transformations on the surface of As35S65 amorphous thin films
A Kovalskiy, JR Neilson, AC Miller, FC Miller, M Vlcek, H Jain
Thin Solid Films 516 (21), 7511-7518, 2008
IR impurity absorption in Sb2S3–GeS2 (Ge2S3) chalcogenide glasses
TS Kavetskyy, AP Kovalskiy, VD Pamukchieva, OI Shpotyuk
Infrared physics & technology 41 (1), 41-45, 2000
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