luca businaro
luca businaro
Scientist, Italian National Research Council, Institute of Nanotechnology
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Chemotherapy-induced antitumor immunity requires formyl peptide receptor 1
E Vacchelli, Y Ma, EE Baracco, A Sistigu, DP Enot, F Pietrocola, H Yang, ...
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Interfacing neurons with carbon nanotubes: electrical signal transfer and synaptic stimulation in cultured brain circuits
A Mazzatenta, M Giugliano, S Campidelli, L Gambazzi, L Businaro, ...
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A hybrid plasmonic− photonic nanodevice for label-free detection of a few molecules
F De Angelis, M Patrini, G Das, I Maksymov, M Galli, L Businaro, ...
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Classification of M1/M2-polarized human macrophages by label-free hyperspectral reflectance confocal microscopy and multivariate analysis
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Investigating nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in a liver-on-a-chip microfluidic device
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3D Microfluidic model for evaluating immunotherapy efficacy by tracking dendritic cell behaviour toward tumor cells
S Parlato, A De Ninno, R Molfetta, E Toschi, D Salerno, A Mencattini, ...
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Cross talk between cancer and immune cells: exploring complex dynamics in a microfluidic environment
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Dissecting effects of anti-cancer drugs and cancer-associated fibroblasts by on-chip reconstitution of immunocompetent tumor microenvironments
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Laser trapping and micro-manipulation using optical vortices
D Cojoc, V Garbin, E Ferrari, L Businaro, F Romanato, E Di Fabrizio
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3D patterning by means of nanoimprinting, X-ray and two-photon lithography
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Acetylated tubulin is essential for touch sensation in mice
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Focused ion beam lithography for two dimensional array structures for photonic applications
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Cancer-driven dynamics of immune cells in a microfluidic environment
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CaMKK2 in myeloid cells is a key regulator of the immune-suppressive microenvironment in breast cancer
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Infrared microspectroscopy of live cells in microfluidic devices (MD-IRMS): Toward a powerful label-free cell-based assay
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Growth by molecular beam epitaxy and electrical characterization of GaAs nanowires
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Coplanar electrode microfluidic chip enabling accurate sheathless impedance cytometry
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Organs on chip approach: a tool to evaluate cancer-immune cells interactions
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Manganese-induced growth of GaAs nanowires
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Combining type i interferons and 5-aza-2′-deoxycitidine to improve anti-tumor response against melanoma
V Lucarini, C Buccione, G Ziccheddu, F Peschiaroli, P Sestili, R Puglisi, ...
Journal of Investigative Dermatology 137 (1), 159-169, 2017
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