Irina Petrova
Irina Petrova
Research Center for Medical Genetics
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Label-free flow multiplex biosensing via photonic crystal surface mode detection
I Petrova, V Konopsky, I Nabiev, A Sukhanova
Scientific reports 9 (1), 8745, 2019
Acute recovery from disuse atrophy: The role of stretch-activated ion channels in the activation of anabolic signaling in skeletal muscle
TM Mirzoev, SA Tyganov, IO Petrova, BS Shenkman
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 316 (1), E86-E95, 2019
Effect of trehalose on oxygen evolution and electron transfer in photosystem 2 complexes
MD Mamedov, IO Petrova, DV Yanykin, AA Zaspa, AY Semenov
Biochemistry (Moscow) 80, 61-66, 2015
Manganese-depleted/reconstituted photosystem II core complexes in solution and liposomes
IO Petrova, VN Kurashov, AY Semenov, MD Mamedov
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 104 (1-2), 372-376, 2011
Divergent anabolic signalling responses of murine soleus and tibialis anterior muscles to chronic 2g hypergravity
T Mirzoev, S Tyganov, I Petrova, V Gnyubkin, N Laroche, L Vico, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 3514, 2017
Early Deсline in Rat Soleus Passive Tension with Hindlimb Unloading: Inactivation of Cross-bridges or Activation of Calpains?
IO Petrova, SA Tyganov, TM Mirzoev, AK Tsaturyan, IB Kozlovskaya, ...
Doklady Biochemistry and biophysics 481, 205-207, 2018
The realization of a mechanical signal during gravitational unloading: The response of mTORC1 targets to eccentric contractions
TM Mirzoev, SA Tyganov, IO Petrova, BS Shenkman
Biophysics 61, 779-784, 2016
Population‐genetic differentiation of dairy cattle by ISSR‐PCR markers
GY Kosovskiy, VI Glazko, AV Arkhipov, IO Petrova, TT Glazko
Reports of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 53-56, 2014
Label-free multiplexed microfluidic analysis of protein interactions based on photonic crystal surface mode imaging
G Nifontova, I Petrova, E Gerasimovich, VN Konopsky, N Ayadi, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (5), 4347, 2023
Dairy cattle population-specific genetic differentiation based on ISSR-PCR markers
GY Kosovsky, VI Glazko, AV Arkhipov, IO Petrova, TT Glazko
Russian Agricultural Sciences 40 (6), 463-466, 2014
Conversion of semiconductor nanoparticles to plasmonic materials by targeted substitution of surface-bound organic ligands
PS Samokhvalov, DO Volodin, SV Bozrova, DS Dovzhenko, MA Zvaigzne, ...
Technical Physics Letters 45, 317-320, 2019
Optical properties of core-multishell quantum dots
P Samokhvalov, P Linkov, M Zvaigzne, A Kosmynceva, I Petrova, ...
KnE Energy 3 (2), 449-455, 2018
Vectorial charge transfer reactions on the donor side of manganese-depleted and reconstituted photosystem 2 core complexes
IO Petrova, VN Kurashov, AA Zaspa, AY Semenov, MD Mamedov
Biochemistry (Moscow) 78, 395-402, 2013
Electron transfer between exogenous electron donors and reaction center of photosystem 2
MD Mamedov, VN Kurashov, IO Petrova, AA Zaspa, AY Semenov
Biochemistry (Moscow) 75, 579-584, 2010
Studies on glycogen storage disease type 1a animal models: a brief perspective
IO Petrova, SA Smirnikhina
Transgenic Research 31 (6), 593-606, 2022
Highly Stable, Water-Soluble CdSe/ZnS/CdS/ZnS Quantum Dots with Additional SiO2 shell
DO Volodin, SV Bozrova, DS Dovzhenko, MA Zvaigzne, PA Linkov, ...
KnE Engineering, 449–456-449–456, 2018
Unexpected extra exon skipping in the DYSF gene during restoring the reading frame by CRISPR/Cas9
O Levchenko, I Panchuk, K Kochergin-Nikitsky, I Petrova, S Nagieva, ...
Biosystems 235, 105072, 2024
The Development, Optimization and Future of Prime Editing
IO Petrova, SA Smirnikhina
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (23), 17045, 2023
Physical Interactions of Biopolymers with Nanoparticles
AV Kosmyntseva, IO Petrova, YP Rakovich, AV Sukhanova, IR Nabiev
Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute 46, 306-308, 2019
Optimization of the photonic crystal chip activation procedure for ultrasensitive optical biosensing
IO Petrova, I Nabiev, VN Konopsky, A Sukhanova
Physics, Engineering and Technologies for Biomedicine, 192-193, 2018
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