Nicolas K Martin-StPaul
Nicolas K Martin-StPaul
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Plant resistance to drought depends on timely stomatal closure
N Martin‐StPaul, S Delzon, H Cochard
Ecology letters 20 (11), 1437-1447, 2017
Optimal stomatal behaviour around the world
YS Lin, BE Medlyn, RA Duursma, IC Prentice, H Wang, S Baig, D Eamus, ...
Nature Climate Change 5 (5), 459-464, 2015
On the minimum leaf conductance: its role in models of plant water use, and ecological and environmental controls
RA Duursma, CJ Blackman, R Lopéz, NK Martin‐StPaul, H Cochard, ...
New Phytologist 221 (2), 693-705, 2019
Do photosynthetic limitations of evergreen Quercus ilex leaves change with long‐term increased drought severity?
JM LIMOUSIN, L Misson, AV LAVOIR, NK Martin, S Rambal
Plant, Cell & Environment 33 (5), 863-875, 2010
Evidence for hydraulic vulnerability segmentation and lack of xylem refilling under tension
G Charrier, JM Torres-Ruiz, E Badel, R Burlett, B Choat, H Cochard, ...
Plant physiology 172 (3), 1657-1668, 2016
How do leaf and ecosystem measures of water‐use efficiency compare?
BE Medlyn, MG De Kauwe, YS Lin, J Knauer, RA Duursma, CA Williams, ...
New Phytologist 216 (3), 758-770, 2017
The temporal response to drought in a Mediterranean evergreen tree: comparing a regional precipitation gradient and a throughfall exclusion experiment
NK Martin‐StPaul, JM Limousin, H Vogt‐Schilb, J Rodríguez‐Calcerrada, ...
Global change biology 19 (8), 2413-2426, 2013
Growth duration is a better predictor of stem increment than carbon supply in a M editerranean oak forest: implications for assessing forest productivity under climate change
M Lempereur, NK Martin‐StPaul, C Damesin, R Joffre, JM Ourcival, ...
New Phytologist 207 (3), 579-590, 2015
Extreme wildfire events are linked to global-change-type droughts in the northern Mediterranean
J Ruffault, T Curt, NK Martin-StPaul, V Moron, RM Trigo
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 18 (3), 847-856, 2018
How reliable are methods to assess xylem vulnerability to cavitation? The issue of ‘open vessel’artifact in oaks
NK Martin-StPaul, D Longepierre, R Huc, S Delzon, R Burlett, R Joffre, ...
Tree physiology 34 (8), 894-905, 2014
Photosynthetic sensitivity to drought varies among populations of Quercus ilex along a rainfall gradient
NK Martin-StPaul, JM Limousin, J Rodríguez-Calcerrada, J Ruffault, ...
Functional Plant Biology 39 (1), 25-37, 2012
Differential regional responses in drought length, intensity and timing to recent climate changes in a Mediterranean forested ecosystem
J Ruffault, NK Martin-StPaul, S Rambal, F Mouillot
Climatic Change 117 (1), 103-117, 2013
Stem CO2 efflux and its contribution to ecosystem CO2 efflux decrease with drought in a Mediterranean forest stand
J Rodríguez-Calcerrada, NK Martin-StPaul, M Lempereur, JM Ourcival, ...
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 195, 61-72, 2014
Assessing the effects of management on forest growth across France: insights from a new functional–structural model
J Guillemot, N Delpierre, P Vallet, C François, NK Martin-StPaul, ...
Annals of botany 114 (4), 779-793, 2014
Challenges for drought assessment in the Mediterranean region under future climate scenarios
T Yves, A Koutroulis, L Samaniego, SM Vicente-Serrano, F Volaire, ...
Earth-Science Reviews, 103348, 2020
Climate change impact on future wildfire danger and activity in southern Europe: a review
J Dupuy, H Fargeon, N Martin-StPaul, F Pimont, J Ruffault, M Guijarro, ...
Annals of Forest Science 77 (2), 1-24, 2020
How well do meteorological drought indices predict live fuel moisture content (LFMC)? An assessment for wildfire research and operations in Mediterranean ecosystems
J Ruffault, N Martin-StPaul, F Pimont, JL Dupuy
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 262, 391-401, 2018
Environmental control of carbon allocation matters for modelling forest growth
J Guillemot, C Francois, G Hmimina, E Dufrêne, NK Martin‐StPaul, ...
New Phytologist 214 (1), 180-193, 2017
Projecting future drought in Mediterranean forests: bias correction of climate models matters!
J Ruffault, NK Martin-StPaul, C Duffet, F Goge, F Mouillot
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 117 (1), 113-122, 2014
Evaluation of microwave remote sensing for monitoring live fuel moisture content in the Mediterranean region
L Fan, JP Wigneron, Q Xiao, A Al-Yaari, J Wen, N Martin-StPaul, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 205, 210-223, 2018
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