Lawrence William Sheppard
Lawrence William Sheppard
Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Kansas
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The geography of spatial synchrony
JA Walter, LW Sheppard, TL Anderson, JH Kastens, ON Bjørnstad, ...
Ecology Letters 20 (7), 801-814, 2017
Changes in large-scale climate alter spatial synchrony of aphid pests
LW Sheppard, JR Bell, R Harrington, DC Reuman
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Testing for time-localized coherence in bivariate data
LW Sheppard, A Stefanovska, PVE McClintock
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Oscillatory dynamics of vasoconstriction and vasodilation identified by time-localized phase coherence
LW Sheppard, V Vuksanović, PVE McClintock, A Stefanovska
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Climate change‐related regime shifts have altered spatial synchrony of plankton dynamics in the North Sea
EJ Defriez, LW Sheppard, PC Reid, DC Reuman
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Nonlinear relationship between level of blood flow and skin temperature for different dynamics of temperature change
V Vuksanović, LW Sheppard, A Stefanovska
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Impaired cerebrovascular reactivity after acute traumatic brain injury can be detected by wavelet phase coherence analysis of the intracranial and arterial blood pressure signals
P Kvandal, L Sheppard, SA Landsverk, A Stefanovska, KA Kirkeboen
Journal of clinical monitoring and computing 27, 375-383, 2013
Synchrony affects Taylor’s law in theory and data
DC Reuman, L Zhao, LW Sheppard, PC Reid, JE Cohen
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (26), 6788-6793, 2017
Synchrony is more than its top-down and climatic parts: interacting Moran effects on phytoplankton in British seas
LW Sheppard, EJ Defriez, PC Reid, DC Reuman
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Detecting the harmonics of oscillations with time-variable frequencies
LW Sheppard, A Stefanovska, PVE McClintock
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Copulas and their potential for ecology
S Ghosh, LW Sheppard, MT Holder, TD Loecke, PC Reid, JD Bever, ...
Advances in Ecological Research 62, 409-468, 2020
The discriminatory value of cardiorespiratory interactions in distinguishing awake from anaesthetised states: a randomised observational study
DA Kenwright, A Bernjak, T Draegni, S Dzeroski, M Entwistle, M Horvat, ...
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Reproducibility of LDF blood flow measurements: dynamical characterization versus averaging
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The long and the short of it: Mechanisms of synchronous and compensatory dynamics across temporal scales
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Ecology 103 (4), e3650, 2022
Rapid surrogate testing of wavelet coherences
LW Sheppard, PC Reid, DC Reuman
EDP Sciences, 2017
The dependence of synchrony on timescale and geography in freshwater plankton
TL Anderson, LW Sheppard, JA Walter, SP Hendricks, TD Levine, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 64 (2), 483-502, 2019
Weather and regional crop composition variation drive spatial synchrony of lepidopteran agricultural pests
JA Walter, LW Sheppard, PD Venugopal, DC Reuman, G Dively, ...
Ecological Entomology 45 (3), 573-582, 2020
A new variance ratio metric to detect the timescale of compensatory dynamics
L Zhao, S Wang, LM Hallett, AL Rypel, LW Sheppard, MCN Castorani, ...
Ecosphere 11 (5), e03114, 2020
Micro‐scale geography of synchrony in a serpentine plant community
JA Walter, LM Hallett, LW Sheppard, TL Anderson, L Zhao, RJ Hobbs, ...
Journal of Ecology 109 (2), 750-762, 2021
Disturbance and nutrients synchronise kelp forests across scales through interacting Moran effects
MCN Castorani, TW Bell, JA Walter, DC Reuman, KC Cavanaugh, ...
Ecology Letters 25 (8), 1854-1868, 2022
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