Bailu Si
Bailu Si
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The role of competitive learning in the generation of DG fields from EC inputs
B Si, A Treves
Cognitive neurodynamics 3 (2), 177-187, 2009
Self-organization of multiple spatial and context memories in the hippocampus
F Stella, E Cerasti, B Si, K Jezek, A Treves
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 36 (7), 1609-1625, 2012
Grid alignment in entorhinal cortex
B Si, E Kropff, A Treves
Biological cybernetics 106 (8), 483-506, 2012
A novel pyramidal cell type promotes sharp-wave synchronization in the hippocampus
DL Hunt, D Linaro, B Si, S Romani, N Spruston
Nature neuroscience 21 (7), 985-995, 2018
Learning joint space–time–frequency features for EEG decoding on small labeled data
D Zhao, F Tang, B Si, X Feng
Neural Networks 114, 67-77, 2019
A model for the differentiation between grid and conjunctive units in medial entorhinal cortex
B Si, A Treves
Hippocampus 23 (12), 1410-1424, 2013
S elforganization of modular activity of grid cells
E Urdapilleta, B Si, A Treves
Hippocampus 27 (11), 1204-1213, 2017
Continuous attractor network model for conjunctive position-by-velocity tuning of grid cells
B Si, S Romani, M Tsodyks
Plos computational biology 10 (4), e1003558, 2014
Group feature selection with multiclass support vector machine
F Tang, L Adam, B Si
Neurocomputing 317, 42-49, 2018
A reinforcement learning neural network for robotic manipulator control
Y Hu, B Si
Neural computation 30 (7), 1983-2004, 2018
Grid cells on the ball
F Stella, B Si, E Kropff, A Treves
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2013 (03), P03013, 2013
Two-dimensional forward-looking sonar image registration by maximization of peripheral mutual information
S Song, JM Herrmann, B Si, K Liu, X Feng
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems 14 (6), 1729881417746270, 2017
Cognitive mapping based on conjunctive representations of space and movement
T Zeng, B Si
Frontiers in neurorobotics 11, 61, 2017
NeuroBayesSLAM: Neurobiologically inspired Bayesian integration of multisensory information for robot navigation
T Zeng, F Tang, D Ji, B Si
Neural Networks 126, 21-35, 2020
Local autoencoding for parameter estimation in a hidden Potts-Markov random field
S Song, B Si, JM Herrmann, X Feng
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 25 (5), 2324-2336, 2016
A brain-inspired compact cognitive mapping system
T Zeng, B Si
Cognitive Neurodynamics 15 (1), 91-101, 2021
Mobile robot exploration based on rapidly-exploring random trees and dynamic window approach
T Zeng, B Si
2019 5th International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics (ICCAR …, 2019
Prior parameter estimation for Ising-MRF-based sonar image segmentation by local center-encoding
S Song, B Si, X Feng, JM Herrmann
OCEANS 2015-Genova, 1-5, 2015
Robot exploration by subjectively maximizing objective information gain
B Si, K Pawelzik, JM Herrmann
2004 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, 930-935, 2004
Learning cognitive map representations for navigation by sensory-motor integration
D Zhao, Z Zhang, H Lu, S Cheng, B Si, X Feng
IEEE transactions on cybernetics, 2020
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