Scott S Verbridge
Scott S Verbridge
Program Director, NIH/NIDCR
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Impermeable atomic membranes from graphene sheets
JS Bunch, SS Verbridge, JS Alden, AM Van Der Zande, JM Parpia, ...
Nano letters 8 (8), 2458-2462, 2008
Electromechanical resonators from graphene sheets
JS Bunch, AM Van Der Zande, SS Verbridge, IW Frank, DM Tanenbaum, ...
Science 315 (5811), 490-493, 2007
Polymer structure-property requirements for stereolithographic 3D printing of soft tissue engineering scaffolds
RJ Mondschein, A Kanitkar, CB Williams, SS Verbridge, TE Long
Biomaterials 140, 170-188, 2017
High quality factor resonance at room temperature with nanostrings under high tensile stress
SS Verbridge, JM Parpia, RB Reichenbach, LM Bellan, HG Craighead
Journal of Applied Physics 99 (12), 2006
Dense type I collagen matrices that support cellular remodeling and microfabrication for studies of tumor angiogenesis and vasculogenesis in vitro
VL Cross, Y Zheng, N Won Choi, SS Verbridge, BA Sutermaster, ...
Biomaterials 31 (33), 8596-8607, 2010
Selective modulation of intracellular effects of cells using pulsed electric fields
MB Sano, CB Arena, SS Verbridge, RV Davalos
US Patent App. PCT/US2015/030,429, 2015
A megahertz nanomechanical resonator with room temperature quality factor over a million
SS Verbridge, HG Craighead, JM Parpia
Applied Physics Letters 92 (1), 2008
Macroscopic tuning of nanomechanics: substrate bending for reversible control of frequency and quality factor of nanostring resonators
SS Verbridge, DF Shapiro, HG Craighead, JM Parpia
Nano Letters 7 (6), 1728-1735, 2007
Flow shear stress regulates endothelial barrier function and expression of angiogenic factors in a 3D microfluidic tumor vascular model
CF Buchanan, SS Verbridge, PP Vlachos, MN Rylander
Cell adhesion & migration 8 (5), 517-524, 2014
Formation of microvascular networks in vitro
JP Morgan, PF Delnero, Y Zheng, SS Verbridge, J Chen, M Craven, ...
Nature protocols 8 (9), 1820-1836, 2013
Fusobacterium nucleatum host-cell binding and invasion induces IL-8 and CXCL1 secretion that drives colorectal cancer cell migration
MA Casasanta, CC Yoo, B Udayasuryan, BE Sanders, A Umaña, Y Zhang, ...
Science signaling 13 (641), eaba9157, 2020
A physical sciences network characterization of non-tumorigenic and metastatic cells
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1449, 2013
High-frequency irreversible electroporation is an effective tumor ablation strategy that induces immunologic cell death and promotes systemic anti-tumor immunity
VM Ringel-Scaia, N Beitel-White, MF Lorenzo, RM Brock, KE Huie, ...
EBioMedicine 44, 112-125, 2019
Electrospun light-emitting nanofibers
JM Moran-Mirabal, JD Slinker, JA DeFranco, SS Verbridge, R Ilic, ...
Nano letters 7 (2), 458-463, 2007
3D culture broadly regulates tumor cell hypoxia response and angiogenesis via pro-inflammatory pathways
P DelNero, M Lane, SS Verbridge, B Kwee, P Kermani, B Hempstead, ...
Biomaterials 55, 110-118, 2015
Size and frequency dependent gas damping of nanomechanical resonators
SS Verbridge, R Ilic, HG Craighead, JM Parpia
Applied Physics Letters 93 (1), 2008
Fabrication of a nanomechanical mass sensor containing a nanofluidic channel
RA Barton, B Ilic, SS Verbridge, BR Cipriany, JM Parpia, HG Craighead
Nano letters 10 (6), 2058-2063, 2010
Oxygen-controlled three-dimensional cultures to analyze tumor angiogenesis
SS Verbridge, NW Choi, Y Zheng, DJ Brooks, AD Stroock, C Fischbach
Tissue Engineering Part A 16 (7), 2133-2141, 2010
Stress and silicon nitride: A crack in the universal dissipation of glasses
DR Southworth, RA Barton, SS Verbridge, B Ilic, AD Fefferman, ...
Physical review letters 102 (22), 225503, 2009
High- Nanomechanics via Destructive Interference of Elastic Waves
I Wilson-Rae, RA Barton, SS Verbridge, DR Southworth, B Ilic, ...
Physical review letters 106 (4), 047205, 2011
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