Jérémie Verner-Filion
Jérémie Verner-Filion
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Development and validation of the Gaming Motivation Scale (GAMS)
MAK Lafrenière, J Verner-Filion, RJ Vallerand
Personality and individual differences 53 (7), 827-831, 2012
Obsessive passion: A compensatory response to unsatisfied needs
D Lalande, RJ Vallerand, MAK Lafrenière, J Verner‐Filion, FA Laurent, ...
Journal of personality 85 (2), 163-178, 2017
Motivation and coping with the stress of assessment: Gender differences in outcomes for university students
A Bonneville-Roussy, P Evans, J Verner-Filion, RJ Vallerand, T Bouffard
Contemporary educational psychology 48, 28-42, 2017
Dispositional perfectionism and well-being: A test of the 2× 2 model of perfectionism in the sport domain.
P Gaudreau, J Verner-Filion
Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology 1 (1), 29, 2012
Making people’s life most worth living: On the importance of passion for positive psychology
RJ Vallerand, J Verner-Filion
Terapia psicológica 31 (1), 35-48, 2013
From perfectionism to academic adjustment: The mediating role of achievement goals
J Verner-Filion, P Gaudreau
Personality and Individual Differences 49 (3), 181-186, 2010
The two roads from passion to sport performance and psychological well-being: The mediating role of need satisfaction, deliberate practice, and achievement goals
J Verner-Filion, RJ Vallerand, CE Amiot, I Mocanu
Psychology of Sport and Exercise 30, 19-29, 2017
The path from intrinsic aspirations to subjective well-being is mediated by changes in basic psychological need satisfaction and autonomous motivation: A large prospective test
NH Hope, AC Holding, J Verner-Filion, KM Sheldon, R Koestner
Motivation and Emotion 43, 232-241, 2019
Passion and mindfulness: Accessing adaptive self-processes
AC St-Louis, J Verner-Filion, CM Bergeron, RJ Vallerand
The Journal of Positive Psychology 13 (2), 155-164, 2018
Testing the dualistic model of passion using a novel quadripartite approach: A look at physical and psychological well‐being
BJI Schellenberg, J Verner‐Filion, P Gaudreau, DS Bailis, MAK Lafrenière, ...
Journal of personality 87 (2), 163-180, 2019
Autonomy support from parents and coaches: Synergistic or compensatory effects on sport-related outcomes of adolescent-athletes?
P Gaudreau, A Morinville, A Gareau, J Verner-Filion, I Green-Demers, ...
Psychology of sport and exercise 25, 89-99, 2016
From personality to passion: The role of the Big Five factors
J Dalpé, M Demers, J Verner-Filion, RJ Vallerand
Personality and Individual Differences 138 (1), 280-285, 2019
A longitudinal examination of elite youth soccer players: The role of passionand basic need satisfaction in athletes' optimal functioning
J Verner-Filion, RJ Vallerand
Psychology of Sport and Exercise 39, 20-29, 2018
On the differential relationships involving perfectionism and academic adjustment: The mediating role of passion and affect
J Verner-Filion, RJ Vallerand
Learning and Individual Differences 50, 103-113, 2016
Passion, coping and anxiety in sport: The interplay between key motivational and self-regulatory processes
J Verner-Filion, RJ Vallerand, EG Donahue, E Moreau, A Martin, ...
International Journal of Sport Psychology 45, 516-537, 2014
On the accuracy of affective forecasting: The moderating role of passion
J Verner-Filion, MAK Lafrenière, RJ Vallerand
Personality and Individual Differences 52 (7), 849-854, 2012
Theory and research in passion for sport and exercise
RJ Vallerand, J Verner-Filion
Handbook of Sport Psychology, 4th Edition, 206-229, 2020
Sacrifice—but at what price? A longitudinal study of young adults’ sacrifice of basic psychological needs in pursuit of career goals
AC Holding, A St-Jacques, J Verner-Filion, F Kachanoff, R Koestner
Motivation and Emotion 44, 99-115, 2020
In good time: A longitudinal investigation of trait self-control in determining changes in motivation quality
A Holding, N Hope, J Verner-Filion, R Koestner
Personality and individual differences 139, 132-137, 2019
Passion and emotions: The mediating role of cognitive appraisals
CE Lavoie, RJ Vallerand, J Verner-Filion
Psychology of Sport and Exercise 54, 101907, 2021
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