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Heiser Thomas
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Intrinsic diffusion coefficient of interstitial copper in silicon
AA Istratov, C Flink, H Hieslmair, ER Weber, T Heiser
Physical review letters 81 (6), 1243, 1998
High-performance solution-processed solar cells and ambipolar behavior in organic field-effect transistors with thienyl-BODIPY scaffoldings
T Bura, N Leclerc, S Fall, P Lévêque, T Heiser, P Retailleau, S Rihn, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (42), 17404-17407, 2012
A new supramolecular route for using rod‐coil block copolymers in photovoltaic applications
N Sary, F Richard, C Brochon, N Leclerc, P Lévêque, JN Audinot, ...
Advanced Materials 22 (6), 763-768, 2010
Impact of backbone fluorination on π-conjugated polymers in organic photovoltaic devices: A review
N Leclerc, P Chávez, OA Ibraikulov, T Heiser, P Lévêque
Polymers 8 (1), 11, 2016
Impact of the alkyl side chains on the optoelectronic properties of a series of photovoltaic low-band-gap copolymers
L Biniek, S Fall, CL Chochos, DV Anokhin, DA Ivanov, N Leclerc, ...
Macromolecules 43 (23), 9779-9786, 2010
Electrical and recombination properties of copper‐silicide precipitates in silicon
AA Istratov, H Hedemann, M Seibt, OF Vyvenko, W Schröter, T Heiser, ...
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 145 (11), 3889, 1998
Large scale alignment and charge transport anisotropy of pBTTT films oriented by high temperature rubbing
L Biniek, N Leclerc, T Heiser, R Bechara, M Brinkmann
Macromolecules 46 (10), 4014-4023, 2013
Self-Assembling of Novel Fullerene-Grafted Donor–Acceptor Rod− Coil Block Copolymers
S Barrau, T Heiser, F Richard, C Brochon, C Ngov, K Van De Wetering, ...
Macromolecules 41 (7), 2701-2710, 2008
Determination of the copper diffusion coefficient in silicon from transient ion-drift
T Heiser, A Mesli
Applied Physics A 57 (4), 325-328, 1993
Design of a Linear Poly (3‐hexylthiophene)/Fullerene‐Based Donor‐Acceptor Rod‐Coil Block Copolymer
F Richard, C Brochon, N Leclerc, D Eckhardt, T Heiser, G Hadziioannou
Macromolecular rapid communications 29 (11), 885-891, 2008
Out-diffusion and precipitation of copper in silicon: an electrostatic model
C Flink, H Feick, SA McHugo, W Seifert, H Hieslmair, T Heiser, AA Istratov, ...
Physical Review Letters 85 (23), 4900, 2000
Absorption tuning of monosubstituted triazatruxenes for bulk heterojunction solar cells
T Bura, N Leclerc, S Fall, P Lévêque, T Heiser, R Ziessel
Organic letters 13 (22), 6030-6033, 2011
Defect reactions in copper-diffused and quenched p-type silicon
A Mesli, T Heiser
Physical Review B 45 (20), 11632, 1992
Triazatruxene‐Diketopyrrolopyrrole Dumbbell‐Shaped Molecules as Photoactive Electron Donor for High‐Efficiency Solution Processed Organic Solar Cells
T Bura, N Leclerc, R Bechara, P Lévêque, T Heiser, R Ziessel
Advanced Energy Materials 3 (9), 1118-1124, 2013
Efficient ternary organic photovoltaics with two polymer donors by minimizing energy loss
X Ma, Q An, OA Ibraikulov, P Lévêque, T Heiser, N Leclerc, X Zhang, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8 (3), 1265-1272, 2020
Gettering of iron by oxygen precipitates
H Hieslmair, AA Istratov, SA McHugo, C Flink, T Heiser, ER Weber
Applied physics letters 72 (12), 1460-1462, 1998
Room temperature ZnO growth by rf magnetron sputtering on top of photoactive P3HT: PCBM for organic solar cells
Y Jouane, S Colis, G Schmerber, P Kern, A Dinia, T Heiser, YA Chapuis
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (6), 1953-1958, 2011
A [3, 2-b] thienothiophene-alt-benzothiadiazole copolymer for photovoltaic applications: design, synthesis, material characterization and device performances
L Biniek, CL Chochos, N Leclerc, G Hadziioannou, JK Kallitsis, R Bechara, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 19 (28), 4946-4951, 2009
Interstitial copper-related center in -type silicon
AA Istratov, H Hieslmair, C Flink, T Heiser, ER Weber
Applied physics letters 71 (16), 2349-2351, 1997
Influence of interstitial copper on diffusion length and lifetime of minority carriers in -type silicon
AA Istratov, C Flink, H Hieslmair, T Heiser, ER Weber
Applied physics letters 71 (15), 2121-2123, 1997
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