Donal Bradley
Donal Bradley
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Light-emitting diodes based on conjugated polymers
JH Burroughes, DDC Bradley, AR Brown, RN Marks, K Mackay, ...
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Electroluminescence in conjugated polymers
RH Friend, RW Gymer, AB Holmes, JH Burroughes, RN Marks, C Taliani, ...
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Materials For Sustainable Energy: A Collection of Peer-Reviewed Research and …, 2011
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Electroluminescent devices
RH Friend, JH Burroughes, DD Bradley
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Morphology evolution via self-organization and lateral and vertical diffusion in polymer: fullerene solar cell blends
M Campoy-Quiles, T Ferenczi, T Agostinelli, PG Etchegoin, Y Kim, ...
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Chemical tuning of electroluminescent copolymers to improve emission efficiencies and allow patterning
PL Burn, AB Holmes, A Kraft, DDC Bradley, AR Brown, RH Friend, ...
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Device annealing effect in organic solar cells with blends of regioregular poly (3-hexylthiophene) and soluble fullerene
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Poly(p‐phenylenevinylene) light‐emitting diodes: Enhanced electroluminescent efficiency through charge carrier confinement
AR Brown, DDC Bradley, JH Burroughes, RH Friend, NC Greenham, ...
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Electrochemical determination of the ionization potential and electron affinity of poly (9, 9-dioctylfluorene)
S Janietz, DDC Bradley, M Grell, C Giebeler, M Inbasekaran, EP Woo
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Strong exciton–photon coupling in an organic semiconductor microcavity
DG Lidzey, DDC Bradley, MS Skolnick, T Virgili, S Walker, DM Whittaker
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Degradation of organic solar cells due to air exposure
K Kawano, R Pacios, D Poplavskyy, J Nelson, DDC Bradley, JR Durrant
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Angular dependence of the emission from a conjugated polymer light‐emitting diode: implications for efficiency calculations
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Interplay of physical structure and photophysics for a liquid crystalline polyfluorene
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High brightness and efficiency blue light-emitting polymer diodes
AW Grice, DDC Bradley, MT Bernius, M Inbasekaran, WW Wu, EP Woo
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Charge carrier formation in polythiophene/fullerene blend films studied by transient absorption spectroscopy
H Ohkita, S Cook, Y Astuti, W Duffy, S Tierney, W Zhang, M Heeney, ...
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A glass‐forming conjugated main‐chain liquid crystal polymer for polarized electroluminescence applications
M Grell, DDC Bradley, M Inbasekaran, EP Woo
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Method of manufacturing of electrolumineschent devices
RH Friend, JH Burroughes, DD Bradley
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Measuring the efficiency of organic light‐emitting devices
SR Forrest, DDC Bradley, ME Thompson
Advanced Materials 15 (13), 1043-1048, 2003
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