Wei Ku (顧威/顾威)
Wei Ku (顧威/顾威)
Brookhaven National Laboratory
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Relevance of the Heisenberg-Kitaev Model for the Honeycomb Lattice Iridates
Y Singh, S Manni, J Reuther, T Berlijn, R Thomale, W Ku, S Trebst, ...
Physical review letters 108 (12), 127203, 2012
Ferro-orbital order and strong magnetic anisotropy in the parent compounds of iron-pnictide superconductors
CC Lee, WG Yin, W Ku
Physical Review Letters 103 (26), 267001, 2009
Long-range magnetic ordering in NaIrO
X Liu, T Berlijn, WG Yin, W Ku, A Tsvelik, YJ Kim, H Gretarsson, Y Singh, ...
Physical Review B 83 (22), 220403, 2011
Unfolding first-principles band structures
W Ku, T Berlijn, CC Lee
Physical review letters 104 (21), 216401, 2010
Room-temperature ferromagnetism of Cu-doped ZnO films probed by soft X-ray magnetic circular dichroism
TS Herng, DC Qi, T Berlijn, JB Yi, KS Yang, Y Dai, YP Feng, I Santoso, ...
Physical review letters 105 (20), 207201, 2010
Band-gap problem in semiconductors revisited: Effects of core states and many-body self-consistency
W Ku, AG Eguiluz
Physical review letters 89 (12), 126401, 2002
Unified picture for magnetic correlations in iron-based superconductors
WG Yin, CC Lee, W Ku
Physical review letters 105 (10), 107004, 2010
Insulating Ferromagnetism in : An Ab Initio Wannier Function Analysis
W Ku, H Rosner, WE Pickett, RT Scalettar
Physical review letters 89 (16), 167204, 2002
Synthesis of ultrathin palladium and platinum nanowires and a study of their magnetic properties
X Teng, WQ Han, W Ku, M Hücker
Angewandte Chemie 120 (11), 2085-2088, 2008
Nanoscale disorder in CaCu 3 Ti 4 O 12: a new route to the enhanced dielectric response
Y Zhu, JC Zheng, L Wu, AI Frenkel, J Hanson, P Northrup, W Ku
Physical review letters 99 (3), 037602, 2007
Signatures of a pressure-induced topological quantum phase transition in BiTeI
X Xi, C Ma, Z Liu, Z Chen, W Ku, H Berger, C Martin, DB Tanner, GL Carr
Physical review letters 111 (15), 155701, 2013
Effect of covalent bonding on magnetism and the missing neutron intensity in copper oxide compounds
AC Walters, TG Perring, JS Caux, AT Savici, GD Gu, CC Lee, W Ku, ...
Nature Physics 5 (12), 867-872, 2009
Do transition-metal substitutions dope carriers in iron-based superconductors?
T Berlijn, CH Lin, W Garber, W Ku
Physical review letters 108 (20), 207003, 2012
Orbital Ordering in : Electron-Electron versus Electron-Lattice Interactions
WG Yin, D Volja, W Ku
Physical review letters 96 (11), 116405, 2006
GGA+ U calculations of correlated spin excitations in LaCoO 3
K Knížek, Z Jirák, J Hejtmánek, P Novák, W Ku
Physical Review B 79 (1), 014430, 2009
Nonresonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering and Energy-Resolved Wannier Function Investigation of Excitations in NiO and CoO
BC Larson, W Ku, JZ Tischler, CC Lee, OD Restrepo, AG Eguiluz, ...
Physical review letters 99 (2), 026401, 2007
Impact of the two Fe unit cell on the electronic structure measured by ARPES in iron pnictides
V Brouet, MF Jensen, PH Lin, A Taleb-Ibrahimi, P Le Fèvre, F Bertran, ...
Physical Review B 86 (7), 075123, 2012
Coupling of spin and orbital excitations in the iron-based superconductor FeSe 0.5 Te 0.5
SH Lee, G Xu, W Ku, JS Wen, CC Lee, N Katayama, ZJ Xu, S Ji, ZW Lin, ...
Physical Review B 81 (22), 220502, 2010
PAR-dependent and geometry-dependent mechanisms of spindle positioning
MFB Tsou, W Ku, A Hayashi, LS Rose
Journal of Cell Biology 160 (6), 845-855, 2003
Excitations in Manganites Probed by Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
S Grenier, JP Hill, V Kiryukhin, W Ku, YJ Kim, KJ Thomas, SW Cheong, ...
Physical review letters 94 (4), 047203, 2005
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