Nikita Smirnov
Nikita Smirnov
Р.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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Antibacterial coatings of Se and Si nanoparticles
A Nastulyavichus, S Kudryashov, N Smirnov, I Saraeva, A Rudenko, ...
Applied Surface Science 469, 220-225, 2019
Antibacterial properties of silicon nanoparticles
NA Smirnov, SI Kudryashov, AA Nastulyavichus, AA Rudenko, IN Saraeva, ...
Laser Physics Letters 15 (10), 105602, 2018
High-throughput laser generation of Si-nanoparticle based surface coatings for antibacterial applications
SI Kudryashov, AA Nastulyavichus, AK Ivanova, NA Smirnov, ...
Applied Surface Science 470, 825-831, 2019
Milligram-per-second femtosecond laser production of Se nanoparticle inks and ink-jet printing of nanophotonic 2D-patterns
A Ionin, A Ivanova, R Khmel’nitskii, Y Klevkov, S Kudryashov, N Mel’nik, ...
Applied Surface Science 436, 662-669, 2018
IR femtosecond laser micro-filaments in diamond visualized by inter-band UV photoluminescence
SI Kudryashov, AO Levchenko, PA Danilov, NA Smirnov, AA Ionin
Optics Letters 45 (7), 2026-2029, 2020
Highly efficient stimulated Raman scattering of sub-picosecond laser pulses in BaWO4 for 10.6 µm difference frequency generation
IO Kinyaevskiy, VI Kovalev, PA Danilov, NA Smirnov, SI Kudryashov, ...
Optics Letters 45 (8), 2160-2163, 2020
Silicon ablation by single ultrashort laser pulses of variable width in air and water
NA Smirnov, SI Kudryashov, PA Danilov, AA Rudenko, AA Ionin, ...
JETP Letters 108, 368-373, 2018
Nanostructured steel for antibacterial applications
AA Nastulyavichus, SI Kudryashov, IN Saraeva, NA Smirnov, AA Rudenko, ...
Laser Physics Letters 17 (1), 016003, 2019
Pulsewidth and ambient medium effects during ultrashort-pulse laser ablation of silicon in air and water
NA Smirnov, SI Kudryashov, AA Rudenko, DA Zayarny, AA Ionin
Applied Surface Science 562, 150243, 2021
Broadband and fine-structured luminescence in diamond facilitated by femtosecond laser driven electron impact and injection of “vacancy-interstitial” pairs
SI Kudryashov, RA Khmelnitskii, PA Danilov, NA Smirnov, AO Levchenko, ...
Optics Letters 46 (6), 1438-1441, 2021
Femtosecond-laser-excited luminescence of the A-band in natural diamond and its thermal control
S Kudryashov, P Danilov, N Smirnov, A Levchenko, M Kovalev, Y Gulina, ...
Optical Materials Express 11 (8), 2505-2513, 2021
Direct femtosecond-laser writing of optical-range nanoscale metagratings/metacouplers on diamond surfaces
SI Kudryashov, AO Levchenko, PA Danilov, NA Smirnov, AA Rudenko, ...
Applied Physics Letters 115 (7), 2019
Antibacterial effect of the laser-generated Se nanocoatings on Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms
AA Ionin, AK Ivanova, RA Khmel’Nitskii, YV Klevkov, SI Kudryashov, ...
Laser Physics Letters 15 (1), 015604, 2017
Birefringent microstructures in bulk fluorite produced by ultrafast pulsewidth-dependent laser inscription
SI Kudryashov, PA Danilov, AE Rupasov, MP Smayev, AN Kirichenko, ...
Applied Surface Science 568, 150877, 2021
Microprocessing of a steel surface by single pulses of variable width
NA Smirnov, SI Kudryashov, PA Danilov, AA Rudenko, B Gakovic, ...
Laser physics letters 16 (5), 056002, 2019
Signatures of ultrafast electronic and atomistic dynamics in bulk photoluminescence of CVD and natural diamonds excited by ultrashort laser pulses of variable pulsewidth
SI Kudryashov, PA Danilov, NA Smirnov, NG Stsepuro, AE Rupasov, ...
Applied Surface Science 575, 151736, 2022
Cumulative defocusing of sub-MHz-rate femtosecond-laser pulses in bulk diamond envisioned by transient A-band photoluminescence
S Kudryashov, N Stsepuro, P Danilov, N Smirnov, A Levchenko, ...
Optical Materials Express 11 (7), 2234-2241, 2021
Nanosecond-laser plasma-mediated generation of colloidal solutions from silver films of variable thickness: Colloidal optical density versus pre-determined ablated mass
AA Nastulyavichus, SI Kudryashov, NA Smirnov, AA Rudenko, AY Kharin, ...
Optics & Laser Technology 111, 75-80, 2019
Electron-ion coupling and ambipolar diffusion in dense electron-hole plasma in thin amorphous Si films studied by single-shot, pulse-width dependent ultrafast laser ablation
P Danilov, A Ionin, R Khmelnitskii, I Kiseleva, S Kudryashov, N Mel’nik, ...
Applied Surface Science 425, 170-175, 2017
Novel approach of controllable stoichiometric fabrication of alloyed Au/Ag nanoparticles by nanosecond laser ablation of thin bi-layered films in water
AA Nastulyavichus, SI Kudryashov, NA Smirnov, AA Rudenko, AY Kharin, ...
Laser Physics Letters 16 (9), 096002, 2019
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