Jeffrey J. Harden
Jeffrey J. Harden
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Persistent policy pathways: Inferring diffusion networks in the American states
BA Desmarais, JJ Harden, FJ Boehmke
American political science review 109 (2), 392-406, 2015
Monte Carlo simulation and resampling methods for social science
TM Carsey, JJ Harden
Sage Publications, 2013
Testing for zero inflation in count models: Bias correction for the Vuong test
BA Desmarais, JJ Harden
The Stata Journal 13 (4), 810-835, 2013
Prominent role models: high‐profile female politicians and the emergence of women as candidates for public office
C Ladam, JJ Harden, JH Windett
American Journal of Political Science 62 (2), 369-381, 2018
BIC and alternative Bayesian information criteria in the selection of structural equation models
KA Bollen, JJ Harden, S Ray, J Zavisca
Structural equation modeling: a multidisciplinary journal 21 (1), 1-19, 2014
Multidimensional Responsiveness: The Determinants of Legislators' Representational Priorities
JJ Harden
Legislative Studies Quarterly 38 (2), 155-184, 2013
A bootstrap method for conducting statistical inference with clustered data
JJ Harden
State Politics & Policy Quarterly 11 (2), 223-246, 2011
Multidimensional Democracy: A Supply and Demand Theory of Representation in American Legislatures
JJ Harden
Cambridge University Press, 2015
SPID: A new database for inferring public policy innovativeness and diffusion networks
FJ Boehmke, M Brockway, BA Desmarais, JJ Harden, S LaCombe, ...
Policy Studies Journal 48 (2), 517-545, 2020
New measures of partisanship, ideology, and policy mood in the American states
TM Carsey, JJ Harden
State Politics & Policy Quarterly 10 (2), 136-156, 2010
Estimating dynamic ideal points for state supreme courts
JH Windett, JJ Harden, MEK Hall
Political Analysis 23 (3), 461-469, 2015
Balancing constituency representation and party responsiveness in the US Senate: the conditioning effect of state ideological heterogeneity
JJ Harden, TM Carsey
Public Choice 150, 137-154, 2012
Simulating duration data for the Cox model
JJ Harden, J Kropko
Political Science Research and Methods 7 (4), 921-928, 2019
Party competition, party polarization, and the changing demand for lobbying in the American states
V Gray, J Cluverius, JJ Harden, B Shor, D Lowery
American Politics Research 43 (2), 175-204, 2015
Generalist interest organizations and interest system density: A test of the competitive exclusion hypothesis
D Lowery, V Gray, J Kirkland, JJ Harden
Social Science Quarterly 93 (1), 21-41, 2012
Explaining the anomalous growth of public sector lobbying in the American States, 1997–2007
D Lowery, V Gray, J Cluverius, JJ Harden
Publius: The Journal of Federalism 43 (4), 580-599, 2013
A comparison of Bayes factor approximation methods including two new methods
KA Bollen, S Ray, J Zavisca, JJ Harden
Sociological Methods & Research 41 (2), 294-324, 2012
Beyond the hazard ratio: generating expected durations from the Cox proportional hazards model
J Kropko, JJ Harden
British Journal of Political Science 50 (1), 303-320, 2020
The seeds of policy change: Leveraging diffusion to disseminate policy innovations
FJ Boehmke, AM Rury, BA Desmarais, JJ Harden
Journal of health politics, policy and law 42 (2), 285-307, 2017
Accounting for noncompliance in survey experiments
JJ Harden, AE Sokhey, KL Runge
Journal of Experimental Political Science 6 (3), 199-202, 2019
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