Muhammad Usman
Muhammad Usman
CSIRO's Data61 and The University of Melbourne, Australia
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Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science
S Ahmed, N Kharche, R Rahman, M Usman, S Lee, H Ryu, H Bae, ...
Springer, 2009
Quantum computing: A taxonomy, systematic review and future directions
SS Gill, A Kumar, H Singh, M Singh, K Kaur, M Usman, R Buyya
Software: Practice and Experience 52 (1), 66-114, 2022
Tight-binding analysis of the electronic structure of dilute bismide alloys of GaP and GaAs
M Usman, CA Broderick, A Lindsay, EPO Reilly
Physical Review B 84, 245202, 2011
Band engineering in dilute nitride and bismide semiconductor lasers
CA Broderick, M Usman, SJ Sweeney, EP O'Reilly
Semicond. Sci. Technol. 27, 094011, 2012
Multimillion atom simulations with nemo3d
S Ahmed, N Kharche, R Rahman, M Usman, S Lee, H Ryu, H Bae, ...
Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science, 5745-5783, 2009
Atomistic simulation of realistically sized nanodevices using NEMO 3-D—Part II: Applications
G Klimeck, SS Ahmed, N Kharche, M Korkusinski, M Usman, M Prada, ...
Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on 54 (9), 2090-2099, 2007
Impact of alloy disorder on the band structure of compressively strained GaBi x As 1− x
M Usman, CA Broderick, Z Batool, K Hild, TJC Hosea, SJ Sweeney, ...
Physical Review B 87 (11), 115104, 2013
Derivation of 12-and 14-band k· p Hamiltonians for dilute bismide and bismide-nitride semiconductors
CA Broderick, M Usman, EP O'Reilly
Semiconductor science and technology 28 (12), 125025, 2013
Theory of the electronic structure of dilute bismide alloys: tight-binding and k· p models
CA Broderick, M Usman, EP O’Reilly
Bismuth-Containing Compounds, 55-88, 2013
Moving toward nano-TCAD through multimillion-atom quantum-dot simulations matching experimental data
M Usman, H Ryu, I Woo, DS Ebert, G Klimeck
Nanotechnology, IEEE Transactions on 8 (3), 330-344, 2009
Spatial metrology of dopants in silicon with exact lattice site precision
M Usman, J Bocquel, J Salfi, B Voisin, A Tankasala, R Rahman, ...
Nature nanotechnology 11 (9), 763-768, 2016
Experimental and atomistic theoretical study of degree of polarization from multilayer InAs/GaAs quantum dot stacks
M Usman, T Inoue, Y Harda, G Klimeck, T Kita
Physical Review B 84 (11), 115321, 2011
Distributed Processing Architecture With Scalable Processing Layers
SA Khan, MM Rehmatullah, S Ahmed, M Usman, M Ahmad
US Patent App. 12/335,644, 2009
Surface defects: possible source of room temperature ferromagnetism in Co-doped ZnO nanorods
N Tahir, A Karim, KA Persson, ST Hussain, AG Cruz, M Usman, M Naeem, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (17), 8968-8973, 2013
Size-dependent Electronic and Polarization Properties of Multi-Layer InAs Quantum Dot Molecules
M Usman
Quantum Dot Molecules, 149-175, 2013
Time-resolved luminescence studies of proton-implanted GaN
A Pinos, S Marcinkevičius, M Usman, A Hallén
Applied Physics Letters 95 (11), 2009
12‐band k· p model for dilute bismide alloys of (In) GaAs derived from supercell calculations
CA Broderick, M Usman, EP O'Reilly
physica status solidi (b), 2013
Quantitative excited state spectroscopy of a single InGaAs quantum dot molecule through multi-million-atom electronic structure calculations
M Usman, YHM Tan, H Ryu, SS Ahmed, HJ Krenner, TB Boykin, ...
Nanotechnology 22 (31), 315709, 2011
Experimental and theoretical study of polarization-dependent optical transitions in InAs quantum dots at telecommunication-wavelengths (1300-1500 nm)
M Usman, S Heck, E Clarke, P Spencer, H Ryu, R Murray, G Klimeck
Journal of Applied Physics 109, 104510, 2011
Encyclopedia of complexity and systems science
D Helbing, A Johansson
Springer, 2009
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