Scott Fay
Scott Fay
Professor of Marketing, Syracuse University
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The Role of Marketing in Social Media: How Online Consumer Reviews Evolve
Y Chen, S Fay, Q Wang
Journal of Interactive Marketing 25 (2), 85-94, 2011
The household bankruptcy decision
S Fay, E Hurst, MJ White
American Economic Review 92 (3), 706-718, 2002
Probabilistic goods: A creative way of selling products and services
S Fay, J Xie
Marketing science 27 (4), 674-690, 2008
An empirical study of the impact of nonlinear shipping and handling fees on purchase incidence and expenditure decisions
M Lewis, V Singh, S Fay
Marketing Science 25 (1), 51-64, 2006
Partial-repeat-bidding in the name-your-own-price channel
S Fay
Marketing Science 23 (3), 407-418, 2004
Selling an opaque product through an intermediary: The case of disguising one's product
S Fay
Journal of Retailing 84 (1), 59-75, 2008
The economics of buyer uncertainty: Advance selling vs. probabilistic selling
S Fay, J Xie
Marketing Science 29 (6), 1040-1057, 2010
Managing service expectations in online markets: a signaling theory of e-tailer pricing and empirical tests
D Mitra, S Fay
Journal of Retailing 86 (2), 184-199, 2010
Timing of Product Allocation: Using Probabilistic Selling to Enhance Inventory Management
S Fay, J Xie
Fay, Scott and Jinhong Xie (2014)." Timing of Product Allocation: Using …, 2014
Automated strategy searches in an electronic goods market: Learning and complex price schedules
CH Brooks, S Fay, R Das, JK MacKie-Mason, JO Kephart, EH Durfee
Proceedings of the 1st ACM conference on Electronic commerce, 31-40, 1999
Competitive reasons for the name-your-own-price channel
S Fay
Marketing Letters 20, 277-293, 2009
Probabilistic selling vs. markdown selling: Price discrimination and management of demand uncertainty in retailing
DH Rice, SA Fay, J Xie
International Journal of Research in Marketing 31 (2), 147-155, 2014
Implications of Expected Changes in the Seller's Price in Name-Your-Own-Price Auctions
S Fay, J Laran
Management science 55 (11), 1783-1796, 2009
The Effect of Probabilistic Selling on the Optimal Product Mix
S Fay, J Xie, C Feng
Journal of Retailing 91 (3), 451-467, 2015
Store Closings and Retailer profitability: A Contingency Perspective
C Feng, S Fay
Journal of Retailing 96 (3), 411-433, 2020
Competition between firms that bundle information goods
SA Fay, JK MacKie-Mason
The role of customer expectations in name-your-own-price markets
S Fay, SHS Lee
Journal of Business Research 68 (3), 675-683, 2015
Overbidding in electronic auctions: factors influencing the propensity to overbid and the magnitude of overbidding
C Feng, S Fay, K Sivakumar
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 44 (2), 241-260, 2016
Ask or infer? Strategic implications of alternative learning approaches in customization
S Fay, D Mitra, Q Wang
International Journal of Research in Marketing 26 (2), 136-152, 2009
Why offer lower prices to past customers? Inducing favorable social price comparisons to enhance customer retention
SH Lee, S Fay
Quantitative Marketing and Economics 15, 123-163, 2017
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