Philip Kim
Philip Kim
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Experimental observation of the quantum Hall effect and Berry's phase in graphene
Y Zhang, YW Tan, HL Stormer, P Kim
nature 438 (7065), 201-204, 2005
Large-scale pattern growth of graphene films for stretchable transparent electrodes
KS Kim, Y Zhao, H Jang, SY Lee, JM Kim, KS Kim, JH Ahn, P Kim, ...
nature 457 (7230), 706-710, 2009
Ultrahigh electron mobility in suspended graphene
KI Bolotin, KJ Sikes, Z Jiang, M Klima, G Fudenberg, J Hone, P Kim, ...
Solid state communications 146 (9-10), 351-355, 2008
Boron nitride substrates for high-quality graphene electronics
CR Dean, AF Young, I Meric, C Lee, L Wang, S Sorgenfrei, K Watanabe, ...
Nature nanotechnology 5 (10), 722-726, 2010
Energy band-gap engineering of graphene nanoribbons
MY Han, B Özyilmaz, Y Zhang, P Kim
Physical review letters 98 (20), 206805, 2007
Thermal transport measurements of individual multiwalled nanotubes
P Kim, L Shi, A Majumdar, PL McEuen
Physical review letters 87 (21), 215502, 2001
Unusually high thermal conductivity in carbon nanotubes
YK Kwon, P Kim
High Thermal Conductivity Materials, 227-265, 2006
Room-temperature quantum Hall effect in graphene
KS Novoselov, Z Jiang, Y Zhang, SV Morozov, HL Stormer, U Zeitler, ...
science 315 (5817), 1379-1379, 2007
Atomic structure and electronic properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes
TW Odom, JL Huang, P Kim, CM Lieber
Nature 391 (6662), 62-64, 1998
One-dimensional electrical contact to a two-dimensional material
L Wang, I Meric, PY Huang, Q Gao, Y Gao, H Tran, T Taniguchi, ...
Science 342 (6158), 614-617, 2013
Atomically thin p–n junctions with van der Waals heterointerfaces
CH Lee, GH Lee, AM Van Der Zande, W Chen, Y Li, M Han, X Cui, ...
Nature nanotechnology 9 (9), 676-681, 2014
Thermal conductivity of individual silicon nanowires
D Li, Y Wu, P Kim, L Shi, P Yang, A Majumdar
Applied Physics Letters 83 (14), 2934-2936, 2003
Current saturation in zero-bandgap, top-gated graphene field-effect transistors
I Meric, MY Han, AF Young, B Ozyilmaz, P Kim, KL Shepard
Nature nanotechnology 3 (11), 654-659, 2008
Hofstadter’s butterfly and the fractal quantum Hall effect in moiré superlattices
CR Dean, L Wang, P Maher, C Forsythe, F Ghahari, Y Gao, J Katoch, ...
Nature 497 (7451), 598-602, 2013
Nanotube nanotweezers
P Kim, CM Lieber
Science 286 (5447), 2148-2150, 1999
Tuning the graphene work function by electric field effect
YJ Yu, Y Zhao, S Ryu, LE Brus, KS Kim, P Kim
Nano letters 9 (10), 3430-3434, 2009
Temperature-dependent transport in suspended graphene
KI Bolotin, KJ Sikes, J Hone, HL Stormer, P Kim
Physical review letters 101 (9), 096802, 2008
Dirac charge dynamics in graphene by infrared spectroscopy
ZQ Li, EA Henriksen, Z Jiang, Z Hao, MC Martin, P Kim, HL Stormer, ...
Nature physics 4 (7), 532-535, 2008
Quantum interference and Klein tunnelling in graphene heterojunctions
AF Young, P Kim
Nature Physics 5 (3), 222-226, 2009
Electric field effect tuning of electron-phonon coupling in graphene
J Yan, Y Zhang, P Kim, A Pinczuk
Physical review letters 98 (16), 166802, 2007
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