Міца Володимир (Mitsa V.)
Міца Володимир (Mitsa V.)
Uzhhorod National University (Ужгородський національний університет)
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Simulation of Raman spectra of AsxS100-x glasses by the results of ab initio calculations of AsnSm clusters vibrations
RM Holomb, VM Mitsa
Comparison of structural transforma‐tions in bulk and as‐evaporated optical media under action of polychromatic or photon‐energy dependent monochromatic illumination
R Holomb, V Mitsa, O Petrachenkov, M Veres, A Stronski, M Vlček
physica status solidi (c) 8 (9), 2705-2708, 2011
Calculation of the vibrational spectra of arsenic sulfide clusters
F Billes, V Mitsa, I Fejes, N Mateleshko, I Fejsa
Journal of Molecular Structure 513 (1-3), 109-115, 1999
Local structure of technologically modified g-GeS2: resonant Raman and absorption edge spectroscopy combined with ab initio calculations
R Holomb*, P Johansson, V Mitsa, I Rosola
Philosophical Magazine 85 (25), 2947-2960, 2005
Ring-, branchy-, and cage-like AsnSm nanoclusters in the structure of amorphous semiconductors: ab initio and Raman study
RM Holomb, M Veres, VM Mitsa
Energy-dependence of light-induced changes in g-As45S55 during recording the micro-Raman spectra
RM Holomb, VM Mitsa, P Johansson, N Mateleshko, A Matis, M Veres
Ab initio and Raman study of medium range ordering in GeSe2 glass
R Holomb, V Mitsa, E Akalin, S Akyuz, M Sichka
Journal of non-crystalline solids 373, 51-56, 2013
New evidence of light-induced structural changes detected in As–S glasses by photon energy dependent Raman spectroscopy
R Holomb, N Mateleshko, V Mitsa, P Johansson, A Matic, M Veres
Journal of non-crystalline solids 352 (9-20), 1607-1611, 2006
Ab initio calculations and the effect of atomic substitution in the Raman spectra of As(Sb,Bi)2S3 films
O Kondrat, N Popovich, R Holomb, V Mitsa, O Petrachenkov, M Koós, ...
physica status solidi c 7 (3‐4), 893-896, 2010
Boson peak of AsxS1− x glasses and theoretical calculations of low frequencies clusters vibrations
R Holomb, V Mitsa
Solid state communications 129 (10), 655-659, 2004
Non‐linear optical properties and structure of wide band gap non‐crystalline semiconductors
V Mitsa, R Holomb, M Veres, A Marton, I Rosola, I Fekeshgazi, M Koós
physica status solidi (c) 8 (9), 2696-2700, 2011
Structural studies of technologically modificated GeS2 glasses and film
N Mateleshko, V Mitsa, R Holomb
Physica B: Condensed Matter 349 (1-4), 30-34, 2004
Influence of transition film-substrate layers on optical properties of the multilayer structures
YA Pervak, A Mitsa, I Holovach, IV Fekeshgazi
Selected Papers from the International Conference on Optoelectronic …, 2001
Localized states model of GeS2 glasses based on electronic states of GenSm clusters calculated by using TD-DFT method
RM Holomb, VM Mitsa, P Johansson
Coordination disordering in near-stoichiometric arsenic sulfide glass
O Shpotyuk, S Kozyukhin, Y Shpotyuk, P Demchenko, V Mitsa, M Veres
Journal of non-crystalline solids 402, 236-243, 2014
Boson peak in low‐frequency Raman spectra of AsxS100‐x glasses: nanocluster contribution
R Holomb, V Mitsa, P Johansson, M Veres
physica status solidi c 7 (3‐4), 885-888, 2010
New ring-like models and ab initio DFT study of the medium-range structures, energy and electronic properties of GeSe2 glass
R Holomb, V Mitsa, S Akyuz, E Akalin
Philosophical Magazine 93 (19), 2549-2562, 2013
Synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy studies of self-organization in As40Se60 nanolayers stored under ambient conditions and after laser irradiation
O Kondrat, N Popovich, R Holomb, V Mitsa, V Lyamayev, N Tsud, V Cháb, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 358 (21), 2910-2916, 2012
Investigation of nanophase separation in Glassy As40Se60 using Raman scattering and AB initio calculations
N Mateleshko, V Mitsa, M Veres, M Koos
Chalcogenide Letters 1 (11), 139-144, 2004
Vibrational spectra and structural correlation in non-oxide glassy alloys
VM Mitsa
UMK VO, Kiev, 56, 1992
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