Peter N. Eze
Peter N. Eze
University of Cape Town, Rondebosch 7700, South Africa
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Application, chemistry, and environmental implications of contaminant-immobilization amendments on agricultural soil and water quality
TK Udeigwe, PN Eze, JM Teboh, MH Stietiya
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Distribution and potential source evaluation of heavy metals in prominent soils of Accra Plains, Ghana
PN Eze, TK Udeigwe, MH Stietiya
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Implications of leading crop production practices on environmental quality and human health
TK Udeigwe, JM Teboh, PN Eze, MH Stietiya, V Kumar, J Hendrix, ...
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Plinthite and its associated evolutionary forms in soils and landscapes: a review
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Characterization, classification and pedogenesis of soils on a Legon catena in the Accra Plains, Ghana
PN Eze
Unpublished MPhil Thesis. University of Ghana, Legon, Accra, 126, 2008
Geochemistry and palaeoclimatic reconstruction of a palaeosol sequence at Langebaanweg, South Africa
PN Eze, ME Meadows
Quaternary International 376, 75-83, 2015
Multi-proxy palaeosol evidence for late Quaternary (MIS 4) environmental and climate shifts on the coasts of South Africa
PN Eze, ME Meadows
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Geostatistical analysis of trace elements PXRF dataset of near-surface semi-arid soils from Central Botswana
PN Eze, VS Mosokomani, TK Udeigwe, OF Oyedele, AF Fagbamigbe
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Texture contrast profile with stonelayer in the Cape Peninsula, South Africa: autochthony and polygenesis
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Tracing recent environmental changes and pedogenesis using geochemistry and micromorphology of alluvial soils, Sabie-Sand River Basin, South Africa
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PN Eze, ME Meadows
Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology 409, 205-216, 2014
Quantitative geospatial dataset on the near-surface heavy metal concentrations in semi-arid soils from Maibele Airstrip North, Central Botswana
PN Eze, VS Mosokomani, TK Udeigwe, OF Oyedele
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Reconstruction of environmental and climate dynamics using multi-proxy evidence from palaeosols of the Western Cape, South Africa
PN Eze
University of Cape Town, 2013
A geomorphological characterisation of river systems in South Africa: A case study of the Sabie River
PN Eze, J Knight
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C 105, 196-205, 2018
Multivariate Mapping of Heavy Metals Spatial Contamination in a Cu–Ni Exploration Field (Botswana) Using Turning Bands Co-simulation Algorithm
PN Eze, N Madani, AC Adoko
Natural Resources Research, 1-16, 2018
Long term treated wastewater impacts and source identification of heavy metals in semi-arid soils of Central Botswana
NM Kebonye, PN Eze, FO Akinyemi
Geoderma Regional 10, 200-214, 2017
Plant-available zinc fixation kinetics in semi-arid alkaline soils of the Southern High Plains
TK Udeigwe, M Eichmann, PN Eze, JM Teboh, GM Zolue, ...
Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 63 (4), 553-564, 2017
Re-evaluating the Last Glacial Maximum in southern Africa
J Knight, JM Fitchett, PN Eze
e 21st Biennial Conference of the South African Society of Quaternary …, 2017
Alluvial soil geochemistry and micromorphology based evidence of environmental change in the Sabie-Sand River Basin, South Africa
PN Eze
Australasian Quaternary Association, 2016
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