Simone Pascuzzi
Simone Pascuzzi
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Science, University of Bari Aldo Moro Italy
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Experimental and theoretical performance of a vacuum seeder nozzle for vegetable seeds
P Guarella, A Pellerano, S Pascuzzi
Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research 64 (1), 29-36, 1996
Thermal energy assessment of a small scale photovoltaic, hydrogen and geothermal stand-alone system for greenhouse heating
AS Anifantis, A Colantoni, S Pascuzzi
Renewable energy 103, 115-127, 2017
In the ancient world, virgin olive oil was called “liquid gold” by Homer and “the great healer” by Hippocrates. Why has this mythic image been forgotten?
ML Clodoveo, S Camposeo, B De Gennaro, S Pascuzzi, L Roselli
Food Research International 62, 1062-1068, 2014
Spray deposition in “tendone” vineyards when using a pneumatic electrostatic sprayer
S Pascuzzi, E Cerruto
Crop Protection 68, 1-11, 2015
Electrolyzer performance analysis of an integrated hydrogen power system for greenhouse heating. A case study
S Pascuzzi, AS Anifantis, I Blanco, G Scarascia Mugnozza
Sustainability 8 (7), 629, 2016
Olive genotypes cultivated in an adult high-density orchard respond differently to canopy restraining by mechanical and manual pruning
GA Vivaldi, G Strippoli, S Pascuzzi, AM Stellacci, S Camposeo
Scientia Horticulturae 192, 391-399, 2015
Geothermal source heat pump performance for a greenhouse heating system: An experimental study
AS Anifantis, S Pascuzzi, G Scarascia-Mugnozza
Journal of Agricultural Engineering 47 (3), 164-170, 2016
A mathematical model of the plane-parallel movement of an asymmetric machine-and-tractor aggregate
V Bulgakov, S Pascuzzi, V Nadykto, S Ivanovs
Agriculture 8 (10), 151, 2018
Photovoltaic and hydrogen plant integrated with a gas heat pump for greenhouse heating: A mathematical study
AS Anifantis, A Colantoni, S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
Sustainability 10 (2), 378, 2018
Study of a pilot photovoltaic-electrolyser-fuel cell power system for a geothermal heat pump heated greenhouse and evaluation of the electrolyser efficiency and operational mode
I Blanco, S Pascuzzi, AS Anifantis, G Scarascia-Mugnozza
Journal of Agricultural Engineering 45 (3), 111-118, 2014
Improvements in citrus packing lines to reduce the mechanical damage to fruit
G Manetto, E Cerruto, S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
Chemical Engineering Transactions 58, 391-396, 2017
Foliar spray deposition in a “tendone” vineyard as affected by airflow rate, volume rate and vegetative development
S Pascuzzi, E Cerruto, G Manetto
Crop Protection 91, 34-48, 2017
A multibody approach applied to the study of driver injuries due to a narrow-track wheeled tractor rollover
S Pascuzzi
Journal of agricultural engineering 46 (3), 105-114, 2015
The effects of the forward speed and air volume of an air-assisted sprayer on spray deposition in tendone trained vineyards
S Pascuzzi
Journal of Agricultural Engineering 44 (3), e18-e18, 2013
Exposure of farm workers to electromagnetic radiation from cellular network radio base stations situated on rural agricultural land
S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics 21 (3), 351-358, 2015
Hydrogen and renewable energy sources integrated system for greenhouse heating
I Blanco, AS Anifantis, S Pascuzzi, GS Mugnozza
Journal of Agricultural Engineering, 2013
Angular oscillation model to predict the performance of a vibratory ball mill for the fine grinding of grain
V Bulgakov, S Pascuzzi, S Ivanovs, G Kaletnik, V Yanovich
Biosystems engineering 171, 155-164, 2018
Improvement in pesticide application on greenhouse crops: Results of a survey about greenhouse structures in Italy
C Baldoin, P Balsari, E Cerruto, S Pascuzzi, M Raffaelli
International Symposium on High Technology for Greenhouse System Management …, 2007
Mathematical model of the plane-parallel movement of the self-propelled root-harvesting machine
V Bulgakov, S Pascuzzi, F Santoro, AS Anifantis
Sustainability 10 (10), 3614, 2018
Hazards assessment and technical actions due to the production of pressured hydrogen within a pilot photovoltaic-electrolyser-fuel cell power system for agricultural equipment
S Pascuzzi, I Blanco, AS Anifantis, G Scarascia-Mugnozza
Journal of Agricultural Engineering 47 (2), 88-93, 2016
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