xinyang wang
xinyang wang
Department of Physics, Jiangsu University
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Radiative corrections to chiral separation effect in QED
EV Gorbar, VA Miransky, IA Shovkovy, X Wang
Physical Review D 88 (2), 025025, 2013
Neutral and charged scalar mesons, pseudoscalar mesons, and diquarks in magnetic fields
H Liu, X Wang, L Yu, M Huang
Physical Review D 97 (7), 076008, 2018
Chiral asymmetry in QED matter in a magnetic field
EV Gorbar, VA Miransky, IA Shovkovy, X Wang
Physical Review D 88 (2), 025043, 2013
Bulk viscosity of spin-one color superconducting strange quark matter
X Wang, IA Shovkovy
Physical Review D 82 (8), 085007, 2010
The kurtosis of net baryon number fluctuations from a realistic Polyakov–Nambu–Jona-Lasinio model along the experimental freeze-out line
mei huang zhibin li, kun xu, xinyang wang
EPJC 79 (245), 2019
Quark matter under rotation in the NJL model with vector interaction
MH Xinyang Wang, Minghua Wei, Zhibin Li
Physical Review D. 99 (016018), 2019
Bulk viscosity in the nonlinear and anharmonic regimes of strange quark matter
IA Shovkovy, X Wang
New Journal of Physics 13 (4), 045018, 2011
Nonleptonic weak processes in spin-one color superconducting quark matter
X Wang, H Malekzadeh, IA Shovkovy
Physical Review D 81 (4), 045021, 2010
Analysis of Faraday rotation and magneto-optical transmission in monolayer graphene
IA Shovkovy, X Wang
International Journal of Modern Physics B 28 (08), 1450061, 2014
Electrochemical characteristics and transport properties of V (II)/V (III) redox couple in a deep eutectic solvent: Magnetic field effect
R Cheng, J Xu, X Wang, Q Ma, H Su, W Yang, Q Xu
Frontiers in Chemistry 8, 619, 2020
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