Vinny Davies
Vinny Davies
Lecturer in Statistics, University of Glasgow
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Reflection on modern methods: generalized linear models for prognosis and intervention—theory, practice and implications for machine learning
KF Arnold, V Davies, M de Kamps, PWG Tennant, J Mbotwa, MS Gilthorpe
International journal of epidemiology 49 (6), 2074-2082, 2020
In-silico Optimisation of Mass Spectrometry Fragmentation Strategies in Metabolomics
J Wandy, V Davies, JJ Van Der Hooft, S Weidt, R Daly, S Rogers
Metabolites 9 (10), 219, 2019
Gaussian process emulation to accelerate parameter estimation in a mechanical model of the left ventricle: a critical step towards clinical end-user relevance
U Noè, A Lazarus, H Gao, V Davies, B Macdonald, K Mangion, C Berry, ...
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 16 (156), 20190114, 2019
Sparse Bayesian Variable Selection for the Identification of Antigenic Variability in the Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus
V Davies, R Reeve, W Harvey, FF Maree, D Husmeier
Journal of Machine Learning Research: Workshop and Conference Proceedings 33 …, 2014
Fast parameter inference in a biomechanical model of the left ventricle by using statistical emulation
V Davies, U Noè, A Lazarus, H Gao, B Macdonald, C Berry, X Luo, ...
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics), 2019
Rapid Development of Improved Data-Dependent Acquisition Strategies
V Davies, J Wandy, S Weidt, JJJ Van Der Hooft, A Miller, R Daly, ...
Analytical chemistry 93 (14), 5676-5683, 2021
Optimising outputs from a validated online instrument to measure health-related quality of life (HRQL) in dogs
V Davies, J Reid, ML Wiseman-Orr, EM Scott
PLoS ONE 14 (9), e0221869, 2019
A sparse hierarchical Bayesian model for detecting relevant antigenic sites in virus evolution
V Davies, R Reeve, WT Harvey, FF Maree, D Husmeier
Computational Statistics 32 (3), 803-843, 2017
Optimisation of scores generated by an online feline health–related quality of life (HRQL) instrument to assist the veterinary user interpret its results
V Davies, J Reid, M Scott
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 7, 1120, 2021
Improving the identification of antigenic sites in the H1N1 Influenza virus through accounting for the experimental structure in a sparse hierarchical Bayesian model
V Davies, WT Harvey, R Reeve, D Husmeier
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics) 68 …, 2019
Selecting Random Effect Components in a Sparse Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Identifying Antigenic Variability
V Davies, R Reeve, WT Harvey, D Husmeier
International Meeting on Computational Intelligence Methods for …, 2016
Modelling Transcriptional Regulation with Gaussian Processes
V Davies, D Husmeier
Recent Advances in Systems Biology Research, 157-183, 2014
Validity and responsiveness of the generic health-related quality of life instrument (VetMetrica™) in cats with osteoarthritis. Comparison of Vet and owner impressions of …
EM Scott, V Davies, AM Nolan, CE Noble, NJ Dowgray, AJ German, ...
Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 1124, 2021
Comprehensive genetic and functional analysis of FcγRs in rituximab therapy for autoimmunity reveals a key role for FcγRIIIa on NK cells
JI Robinson, MYM Yusof, V Davies, D Wild, M Morgan, JC Taylor, ...
medRxiv, 2021
Development of an Early Warning System for Owners Using a Validated Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQL) Instrument for Companion Animals and Its Use in a Large Cohort of Dogs
V Davies, EM Scott, ML Wiseman-Orr, AK Wright, J Reid
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 7, 652, 2020
Statistical Emulation of Cardiac Mechanics: an Important Step Towards a Clinical Decision Support System
D Husmeier, A Lazarus, U Noè, V Davies, A Borowska, B Macdonald, ...
International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Nanoscience and …, 2019
A weight loss diet with alpha-casozepine and L-tryptophane improves health related quality of life in dogs
A Moesta, MA Hours, L Boutigny, V Davies, S Kelly, I Mougeotc, J Reid
12th International Veterinary Behaviour Meeting, 2019
Assessing the impact of non-additive noise on modelling transcriptional regulation with Gaussian processes
V Davies, D Husmeier
Proceedings of the 28th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling 2 …, 2013
Discussion of Henning and Liao: How to find an appropriate clustering for mixed type variables with application to socio-economic stratification. Journal of the Royal …
C Chanialidis, P Craigmile, V Davies, N Dean, L Evers, M Filiippone, ...
University of Glasgow, 2013
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