Lei Bi
Lei Bi
University of South China
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Towards the next generation of solid oxide fuel cells operating below 600 C with chemically stable proton‐conducting electrolytes
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The role of oxygen vacancies of ABO 3 perovskite oxides in the oxygen reduction reaction
Q Ji, L Bi, J Zhang, H Cao, XS Zhao
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High-performance composite cathodes with tailored mixed conductivity for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells using proton conducting electrolytes
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MXene-based accordion 2D hybrid structure with Co9S8/C/Ti3C2Tx as efficient electromagnetic wave absorber
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Tailoring the cathode–electrolyte interface with nanoparticles for boosting the solid oxide fuel cell performance of chemically stable proton‐conducting electrolytes
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Proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) with Y-doped BaZrO3 electrolyte
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Simultaneous enhancement of recoverable energy density and efficiency of lead-free relaxor-ferroelectric BNT-based ceramics
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Lowering grain boundary resistance of BaZr 0.8 Y 0.2 O 3− δ with LiNO 3 sintering-aid improves proton conductivity for fuel cell operation
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Sinteractive anodic powders improve densification and electrochemical properties of BaZr 0.8 Y 0.2 O 3− δ electrolyte films for anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells
L Bi, E Fabbri, Z Sun, E Traversa
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H Zhang, Z Jia, B Wang, X Wu, T Sun, X Liu, L Bi, G Wu
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Sintering aids for proton-conducting oxides–a double-edged sword? A mini review
J Li, C Wang, X Wang, L Bi
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Y-doped BaZrO 3 as a chemically stable electrolyte for proton-conducting solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOECs)
L Bi, SP Shafi, E Traversa
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (11), 5815-5819, 2015
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