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Predicting spatial and decadal LULC changes through cellular automata Markov chain models using earth observation datasets and geo-information
SK Singh, S Mustak, PK Srivastava, S Szabó, T Islam
Environmental Processes 2 (1), 61-78, 2015
Modelling of land use land cover change using earth observation data-sets of Tons River Basin, Madhya Pradesh, India
SK Singh, PB Laari, SK Mustak, PK Srivastava, S Szabó
Geocarto international 33 (11), 1202-1222, 2018
Landscape transform and spatial metrics for mapping spatiotemporal land cover dynamics using Earth Observation data-sets
SK Singh, PK Srivastava, S Szabó, GP Petropoulos, M Gupta, T Islam
Geocarto international 32 (2), 113-127, 2017
Quantifying land use/land cover spatio-temporal landscape pattern dynamics from Hyperion using SVMs classifier and FRAGSTATS®
S Lamine, GP Petropoulos, SK Singh, S Szabó, NEI Bachari, ...
Geocarto international 33 (8), 862-878, 2018
Slope angle and aspect as influencing factors on the accuracy of the SRTM and the ASTER GDEM databases
G Szabó, SK Singh, S Szabó
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C 83, 137-145, 2015
Specific features of NDVI, NDWI and MNDWI as reflected in land cover categories
S Szabo, Z Gácsi, B Balazs
Landscape & Environment 10 (3-4), 194-202, 2016
Intensity Analysis and the Figure of Merit’s components for assessment of a Cellular Automata–Markov simulation model
OG Varga, RG Pontius Jr, SK Singh, S Szabó
Ecological Indicators 101, 933-942, 2019
Mapping an ecological network of green habitat patches and their role in maintaining urban biodiversity in and around Debrecen city (Eastern Hungary)
B Hüse, S Szabó, B Deák, B Tóthmérész
Land use policy 57, 574-581, 2016
Micro-topographic heterogeneity increases plant diversity in old stages of restored grasslands
B Deák, O Valkó, P Török, A Kelemen, T Miglécz, S Szabó, G Szabó, ...
Basic and Applied Ecology 16 (4), 291-299, 2015
Landscape metrics for assessment of land cover change and fragmentation of a heterogeneous watershed
M Kumar, DM Denis, SK Singh, S Szabó, S Suryavanshi
Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment 10, 224-233, 2018
Automated registration of potential locations for solar energy production with Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) and small format photogrammetry
S Szabó, P Enyedi, M Horváth, Z Kovács, P Burai, T Csoknyai, G Szabó
Journal of Cleaner Production 112, 3820-3829, 2016
Prioritisation of sub-watersheds based on earth observation data of agricultural dominated northern river basin of India
SK Yadav, A Dubey, S Szilard, SK Singh
Geocarto International 33 (4), 339-356, 2018
Explore the influence of soil quality on crop yield using statistically-derived pedological indicators
K Juhos, S Szabó, M Ladányi
Ecological indicators 63, 366-373, 2016
Influence of soil properties on crop yield: a multivariate statistical approach
K Juhos, S Szabó, M Ladányi
International Agrophysics 29 (4), 2015
Extracting water-related features using reflectance data and principal component analysis of Landsat images
B Balázs, T Bíró, G Dyke, SK Singh, S Szabó
Hydrological Sciences Journal 63 (2), 269-284, 2018
Distance models in ecological network management: A case study of patch connectivity in a grassland network
S Szabó, T Novák, Z Elek
Journal for Nature Conservation 20 (5), 293-300, 2012
Air pollution induced vegetation stress–the air pollution tolerance index as a quick tool for city health evaluation
VÉ Molnár, E Simon, B Tóthmérész, S Ninsawat, S Szabó
Ecological Indicators 113, 106234, 2020
The carbon footprint of a biogas power plant
G Szabó, I Fazekas, S Szabó, G Szabó, T Buday, M Paládi, K Kisari, ...
Environmental Engineering and Management Journal 13 (11), 2867-2874, 2014
The link between landscape pattern and vegetation naturalness on a regional scale
P Szilassi, T Bata, S Szabó, B Czúcz, Z Molnár, G Mezősi
Ecological Indicators 81, 252-259, 2017
Estimation of crop evapotranspiration through spatial distributed crop coefficient in a semi-arid environment
KS Rawat, SK Singh, A Bala, S Szabó
Agricultural Water Management 213, 922-933, 2019
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