Ravi Shroff
Ravi Shroff
Associate Professor, NYU
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The measure and mismeasure of fairness
S Corbett-Davies, J Gaebler, H Nilforoshan, R Shroff, S Goel
Journal of Machine Learning Research 24 (312), 1-117, 2023
A large-scale analysis of racial disparities in police stops across the United States
E Pierson, C Simoiu, J Overgoor, S Corbett-Davies, D Jenson, ...
Nature Human Behavior 4 (5), 2020
Precinct or prejudice? Understanding racial disparities in New York City’s stop-and-frisk policy
S Goel, JM Rao, R Shroff
Annals of Applied Statistics 10 (1), 365-394, 2016
Simple rules to guide expert classifications
J Jung, C Concannon, R Shroff, S Goel, DG Goldstein
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A: Statistics in Society 183 …, 2020
Combatting police discrimination in the age of big data
S Goel, M Perelman, R Shroff, DA Sklansky
New Criminal Law Review 20 (2), 181-232, 2017
The accuracy, equity, and jurisprudence of criminal risk assessment
S Goel, R Shroff, J Skeem, C Slobogin
Research handbook on big data law, 9-28, 2021
Personalized risk assessments in the criminal justice system
S Goel, JM Rao, R Shroff
American Economic Review 106 (5), 119-123, 2016
Causal conceptions of fairness and their consequences
H Nilforoshan, JD Gaebler, R Shroff, S Goel
International Conference on Machine Learning, 16848-16887, 2022
Predictive Analytics for City Agencies: Lessons from Children's Services
R Shroff
Big Data 5 (3), 189-196, 2017
A causal framework for observational studies of discrimination
J Gaebler, W Cai, G Basse, R Shroff, S Goel, J Hill
Statistics and public policy 9 (1), 26-48, 2022
Bayesian sensitivity analysis for offline policy evaluation
J Jung, R Shroff, A Feller, S Goel
Proceedings of the AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society, 64-70, 2020
Omitted and included variable bias in tests for disparate impact
J Jung, S Corbett-Davies, R Shroff, S Goel
arXiv preprint arXiv:1809.05651 33, 39, 2018
Partial rigidity of CR embeddings of real hypersurfaces into hyperquadrics with small signature difference
P Ebenfelt, R Shroff
Communications in Analysis and Geometry 23 (1), 159-190, 2015
Identifying and measuring excessive and discriminatory policing
A Chohlas-Wood, M Gerchick, S Goel, AZ Huq, A Shoemaker, R Shroff, ...
U. Chi. L. Rev. 89, 441, 2022
An analysis of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department’s traffic stop practices
A Chohlas-Wood, S Goel, A Shoemaker, R Shroff
Technical report, Stanford Computational Policy Lab, 2018
Indoor trajectory identification: Snapping with uncertainty
R Wang, R Shroff, Y Zha, S Seshan, M Veloso
2015 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems …, 2015
CR singular images of generic submanifolds under holomorphic maps
J Lebl, A Minor, R Shroff, D Son, Y Zhang
Arkiv för Matematik 52 (2), 301-327, 2014
Statistical Tests to Audit Investigative Stops
R Shroff
Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law 15 (2), 565-571, 2018
Pretrial release judgments and decision fatigue
R Shroff, K Vamvourellis
Judgment and Decision Making 17 (6), 1176-1207, 2022
Allocation of Pre-Kindergarten Seats in New York City
R Shroff, R Dunks, J Lim, H Wang, M Castro
Workshops at the Twenty-Eighth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2014
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