Timothy A Miller
Timothy A Miller
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Observation of transient structural-transformation dynamics in a Cu2S nanorod
H Zheng, JB Rivest, TA Miller, B Sadtler, A Lindenberg, MF Toney, ...
Science 333 (6039), 206-209, 2011
Time-domain separation of optical properties from structural transitions in resonantly bonded materials
TA Miller, L Waldecker, R Miquel, R Bertoni, J Osmond, V Pruneri, ...
Nature Materials, 2015
Ultrafast disordering of vanadium dimers in photoexcited VO2
S Wall, S Yang, L Vidas, M Chollet, JM Glownia, M Kozina, T Katayama, ...
Science 362 (6414), 572-576, 2018
Ultrafast and Broadband Tuning of Resonant Optical Nanostructures Using Phase‐Change Materials
M Rudé, V Mkhitaryan, AE Cetin, TA Miller, A Carrilero, S Wall, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 4 (7), 1060-1066, 2016
Probing the hydrogen-bond network of water via time-resolved soft X-ray spectroscopy
N Huse, H Wen, D Nordlund, E Szilagyi, D Daranciang, TA Miller, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (20), 3951-3957, 2009
The mechanism of ultrafast structural switching in superionic copper (I) sulphide nanocrystals
TA Miller, JS Wittenberg, H Wen, S Connor, Y Cui, AM Lindenberg
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-7, 2013
Imaging Nanometer Phase Coexistence at Defects During the Insulator–Metal Phase Transformation in VO2 Thin Films by Resonant Soft X-ray Holography
L Vidas, CM Günther, TA Miller, B Pfau, D Perez-Salinas, E Martínez, ...
Nano letters 18 (6), 3449-3453, 2018
Visualization of nanocrystal breathing modes at extreme strains
E Szilagyi, JS Wittenberg, TA Miller, K Lutker, F Quirin, H Lemke, D Zhu, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-6, 2015
Ultrafast optical response of the amorphous and crystalline states of the phase change material
TA Miller, M Rudé, V Pruneri, S Wall
Physical Review B 94 (2), 024301, 2016
Measurement of transient atomic displacements in thin films with picosecond and femtometer resolution
M Kozina, T Hu, JS Wittenberg, E Szilagyi, M Trigo, TA Miller, C Uher, ...
Structural Dynamics 1 (3), 034301, 2014
Real-Time Visualization of Nanocrystal Solid–Solid Transformation Pathways
JS Wittenberg, TA Miller, E Szilagyi, K Lutker, F Quirin, W Lu, H Lemke, ...
Nano letters 14 (4), 1995-1999, 2014
Terahertz field control of in-plane orbital order in La 0.5 Sr 1.5 MnO 4
TA Miller, RW Chhajlany, L Tagliacozzo, B Green, S Kovalev, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-7, 2015
Resonant optical control of the structural distortions that drive ultrafast demagnetization in Cr 2 O 3
VG Sala, S Dal Conte, TA Miller, D Viola, E Luppi, V Véniard, G Cerullo, ...
Physical Review B 94 (1), 014430, 2016
Resonant optical control of the structural distortions that drive ultrafast demagnetization in
VG Sala, S Dal Conte, TA Miller, D Viola, E Luppi, V Véniard, G Cerullo, ...
Physical Review B 94 (1), 014430, 2016
Ultrafast x-ray spectroscopic and scattering studies of nanoscale superionic phase transitions
TA Miller, J Wittenberg, H Wen, AM Lindenberg
2012 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), 1-2, 2012
Observations of laser induced magnetization dynamics in Co/Pd multilayers with coherent x-ray scattering
B Wu, D Zhu, Y Acremann, TA Miller, AM Lindenberg, O Hellwig, J Stohr, ...
Applied Physics Letters 99 (25), 252505-252505-3, 2011
Decoupled optical response and structural transition in phase change materials
L Waldecker, TA Miller, M Rude, R Bertoni, J Osmond, V Pruneri, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv: 1412.0901, 2014
Bunch Length Measurements with Laser/SR Cross-Correlation
T Miller, J Corbett, J Wittenberg, D Daranciang, J Goodfellow, AS Fisher, ...
IPAC10, Kyoto, Japan, 2010
Light control of orbital domains: case of the prototypical manganite La0. 5Sr1. 5MnO4
T Miller, M Gensch, S Wall
Physica Scripta 91 (12), 124002, 2016
Bunch Length Measurements in low-alpha mode at SPEAR3 with first time-resolved pump/probe Experiments
J Wittenberg, T Miller, J Corbett, D Daranciang, J Goodfellow, AS Fisher, ...
Conf. Proc. C110904: 583-585, 2011, 2014
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