M. Andrea Rodriguez
M. Andrea Rodriguez
Computer Science, Universidad de Concepción
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Determining semantic similarity among entity classes from different ontologies
MA Rodríguez, MJ Egenhofer
IEEE transactions on knowledge and data engineering 15 (2), 442-456, 2003
Comparing geospatial entity classes: an asymmetric and context-dependent similarity measure
M Andrea Rodriguez, MJ Egenhofer
International Journal of Geographical Information Science 18 (3), 229-256, 2004
Crawling a country: better strategies than breadth-first for web page ordering
R Baeza-Yates, C Castillo, M Marin, A Rodriguez
Special interest tracks and posters of the 14th international conference on …, 2005
Assessing semantic similarities among geospatial feature class definitions
MA Rodríguez, MJ Egenhofer, RD Rugg
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Scheduling algorithms for Web crawling
C Castillo, M Marin, A Rodriguez, R Baeza-Yates
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Modeling consistency of spatio-temporal graphs
G Del Mondo, MA Rodríguez, C Claramunt, L Bravo, R Thibaud
Data & Knowledge Engineering 84, 59-80, 2013
Assessing semantic similarity among spatial entity classes
MA Rodriguez, MJ Egenhofer
in Spatial Information Science and Engineering, University of Maine, 2000
Inconsistency issues in spatial databases
A Rodríguez
Inconsistency tolerance, 237-269, 2005
Query pre-processing of topological constraints: Comparing a composition-based with neighborhood-based approach
MA Rodríguez, MJ Egenhofer, AD Blaser
International Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases, 362-379, 2003
Relation algebras over containers and surfaces: An ontological study of a room space
MJ Egenhofer, MA Rodríguez
Spatial Cognition and Computation 1 (2), 155-180, 1999
Image-schemata-based spatial inferences: The container-surface algebra
MA Rodríguez, MJ Egenhofer
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A genetic algorithm for searching spatial configurations
MA Rodríguez, MC Jarur
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A spatio-temporal access method based on snapshots and events
GA Gutiérrez, G Navarro, A Rodríguez, A González, J Orellana
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From geo-pragmatics to derivation ontologies: New directions for the geospatial semantic web
F Fonseca, A Rodriguez
Trans. GIS 11 (3), 313-316, 2007
Putting similarity assessments into context: matching functions with the user’s intended operations
MA Rodríguez, MJ Egenhofer
International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context …, 1999
Data structures for temporal graphs based on compact sequence representations
D Caro, MA Rodríguez, NR Brisaboa
Information Systems 51, 1-26, 2015
A comparison of inferences about containers and surfaces in small-scale and large-scale spaces
MA Rodríguez, MJ Egenhofer
Journal of Visual Languages & Computing 11 (6), 639-662, 2000
Catalytic Composition for the Insertion of Carbon Dioxide Into Organic Compounds
MA Rodriguez, EC Llopis, AC Canos, HG Gomez
US Patent App. 11/660,995, 2008
From geo-to eco-ontologies
F Fonseca, J Martin, MA Rodríguez
International Conference on Geographic Information Science, 93-107, 2002
Surgical lung biopsy for diffuse lung disease. Our experience in the last 15 years
M Blanco, GA Obeso, JC Duran, JE Rivo, E García-Fontán, E Pena, ...
Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia (English Edition) 19 (2), 59-64, 2013
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