Baek-Kyoo (Brian) Joo
Baek-Kyoo (Brian) Joo
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Executive coaching: A conceptual framework from an integrative review of practice and research
BK Joo
Human Resource Development Review 4 (4), 462-488, 2005
Career satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover intention: The effects of goal orientation, organizational learning culture and developmental feedback
BK Joo, S Park
Leadership & Organization Development Journal 31 (6), 482-500, 2010
Organizational commitment for knowledge workers: The roles of perceived organizational learning culture, leader–member exchange quality, and turnover intention
BK Joo
Human resource development quarterly 21 (1), 69-85, 2010
The dimensions of learning organization questionnaire (DLOQ): a validation study in a Korean context
JH Song, BK Joo, TJ Chermack
Human Resource Development Quarterly 20 (1), 43-64, 2009
Psychological empowerment and organizational commitment: The moderating effect of organizational learning culture
BK Joo, JH Shim
Human Resource Development International 13 (4), 425-441, 2010
Best employer studies: a conceptual model from a literature review and a case study
BK Joo, GN Mclean
Human resource development review 5 (2), 228-257, 2006
Knowledge sharing: The influences of learning organization culture, organizational commitment, and organizational citizenship behaviors
SJ Jo, BK Joo
Journal of leadership & organizational studies 18 (3), 353-364, 2011
The effects of organizational learning culture, perceived job complexity, and proactive personality on organizational commitment and intrinsic motivation
BK Joo, T Lim
Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies 16 (1), 48-60, 2009
Workplace happiness: Work engagement, career satisfaction, and subjective well-being
BK Joo, I Lee
Evidence-based HRM: a Global Forum for Empirical Scholarship 5 (2), 463-481, 2017
The effects of core self-evaluations and transformational leadership on organizational commitment
BK Joo, HJ Yoon, CW Jeung
Leadership & Organization Development Journal 33 (6), 564-582, 2012
The effects of empowering leadership on psychological well-being and job engagement: The mediating role of psychological capital
JG Park, JS Kim, SW Yoon, BK Joo
Leadership & Organization Development Journal 38 (3), 350-367, 2017
Multiple faces of coaching: Manager-as-coach, executive coaching, and formal mentoring
BK Joo, JS Sushko, GN McLean
Organization Development Journal 30 (1), 19-38, 2012
Career satisfaction: The influences of proactive personality, performance goal orientation, organizational learning culture, and leader-member exchange quality
BK Joo, KJ Ready
Career Development International 17 (3), 276 - 295, 2012
Enhancing work engagement: The roles of psychological capital, authentic leadership, and work empowerment
BK Joo, DH Lim, S Kim
Leadership & Organization Development Journal 37 (8), 1117-1134, 2016
Investigating the influences of core self‐evaluations, job autonomy, and intrinsic motivation on in‐role job performance
BK Joo, CW Jeung, HJ Yoon
Human Resource Development Quarterly 21 (4), 353-371, 2010
The effects of perceived authentic leadership and core self-evaluations on organizational citizenship behaviors: The role of psychological empowerment as a partial mediator
BK Joo, SJ Jo
Leadership and Organization Development Journal 38 (3), 463-481, 2017
Creativity and human resource development: An integrative literature review and a conceptual framework for future research
BK Joo, GN McLean, B Yang
Human Resource Development Review 12 (4), 390-421, 2013
Transformational leadership and career satisfaction: The mediating role of psychological empowerment
BK Joo, T Lim
Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies 20 (3), 312-322, 2013
Team creativity: The effects of perceived learning culture, developmental feedback and team cohesion
BK Joo, JH Song, DH Lim, SW Yoon
International Journal of Training and Development 16 (2), 77-91, 2012
Turnover intention: The effects of core self-evaluations, proactive personality, perceived organizational support, developmental feedback, and job complexity
BK Joo, HJ Hahn, S Peterson
Human Resource Development International 18 (2), 116-130, 2015
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