Anna Ogienko
Anna Ogienko
Институт молекулярной и клеточной биологии (ИМКБ)
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A new method of producing monoclinic paracetamol suitable for direct compression
AG Ogienko, EV Boldyreva, AY Manakov, VV Boldyrev, AS Yunoshev, ...
Pharmaceutical research 28 (12), 3116-3127, 2011
‘Hedvall effect’in cryogrinding of molecular crystals. A case study of a polymorphic transition in chlorpropamide
TN Drebushchak, AA Ogienko, EV Boldyreva
CrystEngComm 13 (13), 4405-4410, 2011
Basic aspects of ovarian development in Drosophila melanogaster
AA Ogienko, SA Fedorova, EM Baricheva
Russian Journal of Genetics 43 (10), 1120-1134, 2007
Large porous particles for respiratory drug delivery. Glycine-based formulations
AG Ogienko, EG Bogdanova, NA Trofimov, SA Myz, AA Ogienko, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 110, 148-156, 2017
Hemozoin is a product of heme detoxification in the gut of the most medically important species of the family Opisthorchiidae
M Lvova, M Zhukova, E Kiseleva, O Mayboroda, P Hensbergen, ...
International journal for parasitology 46 (3), 147-156, 2016
Molecular and genetic description of a new hypomorphic mutation of Trithorax-like gene and analysis of its effect on Drosophila melanogaster oogenesis
AA Ogienko, DA Karagodin, NV Pavlova, SA Fedorova, MV Voloshina, ...
Russian journal of developmental biology 39 (2), 108-115, 2008
GAGA protein is essential for male germ cell development in Drosophila
NV Dorogova, EV Fedorova, EU Bolobolova, AA Ogienko, EM Baricheva
genesis 52 (8), 738-751, 2014
Capping protein beta is required for actin cytoskeleton organisation and cell migration during Drosophila oogenesis
AA Ogienko, DA Karagodin, VV Lashina, SI Baiborodin, ES Omelina, ...
Cell biology international 37 (2), 149-159, 2013
Cryosynthesis of Co-Crystals of Poorly Water-Soluble Pharmaceutical Compounds and Their Solid Dispersions with Polymers. The “Meloxicam–Succinic Acid” System as a Case Study
AG Ogienko, SA Myz, AA Ogienko, AA Nefedov, AS Stoporev, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 18 (12), 7401-7409, 2018
Thermodynamic aspects of freeze-drying
AG Ogienko, VA Drebushchak, EG Bogdanova, AS Yunoshev, ...
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 127 (2), 1593-1604, 2017
New slbo-Gal4 driver lines for the analysis of border cell migration during Drosophila oogenesis
AA Ogienko, LA Yarinich, EV Fedorova, MO Lebedev, EN Andreyeva, ...
Chromosoma 127 (4), 475-487, 2018
Discrepancy between thermodynamic and kinetic stabilities of the tert-butanol hydrates and its implication for obtaining pharmaceutical powders by freeze-drying
AG Ogienko, AS Stoporev, AA Ogienko, MS Mel’gunov, TP Adamova, ...
Chemical Communications 55 (29), 4262-4265, 2019
Preparation of fine powders of pharmaceutical substances by freeze-drying of frozen solutions in systems with clathrate formation
AG Ogienko, EV Boldyreva, AY Manakov, SA Myz, AA Ogienko, ...
Doklady Physical Chemistry 444 (2), 88-92, 2012
The GAGA protein is essential for dorsal appendage formation during Drosophila melanogaster oogenesis
ES Omelina, NV Pavlova, AA Ogienko, EM Baricheva
Doklady. Biochemistry and biophysics 436 (1), 32, 2011
Effect of hypomorphic mutation in Trithorax-like gene on Drosophila melanogaster oogenesis
AA Ogienko, DA Karagodin, SA Fedorova, EV Fedorova, VV Lashina, ...
Ontogenez 37 (3), 211-220, 2006
GAGA protein is required for multiple aspects of Drosophila oogenesis and female fertility
EV Fedorova, NV Dorogova, EU Bolobolova, SA Fedorova, DA Karagodin, ...
genesis 57 (2), e23269, 2019
Preparation of fine powders by clathrate-forming freeze-drying: a case study of ammonium nitrate
AG Ogienko, EG Bogdanova, AS Stoporev, AA Ogienko, MP Shinkorenko, ...
Mendeleev Communications 28 (2), 211-213, 2018
Ultrafine betulin formulation with biocompatible carriers exhibiting improved dissolution rate
SA Myz, TP Shakhtshneider, MA Mikhailenko, AG Ogienko, ...
Natural product communications 10 (8), 1934578X1501000806, 2015
Salbutamol-glycine composite microballs for pulmonary drug delivery
EG Zevak, AG Ogienko, EV Boldyreva, SA Myz, AA Ogienko, ...
RDD Eur 2, 329-34, 2013
Analysis of a novel hypomorphic mutation in Trithorax-like gene affecting Drosophila melanogaster oogenesis
AA Ogienko, DA Karagodin, SA Fedorova, EV Fedorova, VV Lashina, ...
Russian Journal of Developmental Biology 37 (3), 173-181, 2006
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