Sahar Safarian
Sahar Safarian
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Energy and exergy assessments of modified Organic Rankine Cycles (ORCs)
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A review of biomass gasification modelling
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ZnO–PEDOT core–shell nanowires: an ultrafast, high contrast and transparent electrochromic display
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Effect of Coronavirus Disease 2019 on CO2 Emission in the World
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Waste Biomass Gasification Simulation Using Aspen Plus: Performance Evaluation of Wood Chips, Sawdust and Mixed Paper Wastes
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Development of a New Stoichiometric Equilibrium-Based Model for Wood Chips and Mixed Paper Wastes Gasification by ASPEN Plus
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Improvement of Overall Efficiency in the Gas Transmission Networks: Employing Energy Recovery Systems
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Simulation of small-scale waste biomass gasification integrated power production: a comparative performance analysis for timber and wood waste
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Exergy Recovery in Gas Pressure Compression Stations (GPCSs)
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Techno-Economic Analysis of Power Production by Using Waste Biomass Gasification
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Dataset of biomass characteristics and net output power from downdraft biomass gasifier integrated power production unit
S Safarian, SME Saryazdi, R Unnthorsson, C Richter
Data in brief 33, 106390, 2020
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