Elliot Freeman
Elliot Freeman
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Concurrent TMS-fMRI and psychophysics reveal frontal influences on human retinotopic visual cortex
CC Ruff, F Blankenburg, O Bjoertomt, S Bestmann, E Freeman, ...
Current biology 16 (15), 1479-1488, 2006
Segmentation, attention and phenomenal visual objects
J Driver, G Davis, C Russell, M Turatto, E Freeman
Cognition 80 (1-2), 61-95, 2001
Lateral interactions between targets and flankers in low-level vision depend on attention to the flankers
E Freeman, D Sagi, J Driver
Nature neuroscience 4 (10), 1032-1036, 2001
Dissociations and interactions between time, numerosity and space processing
M Cappelletti, ED Freeman, L Cipolotti
Neuropsychologia 47 (13), 2732-2748, 2009
Direction of visual apparent motion driven solely by timing of a static sound
E Freeman, J Driver
Current biology 18 (16), 1262-1266, 2008
The role of right and left parietal lobes in the conceptual processing of numbers
M Cappelletti, HL Lee, ED Freeman, CJ Price
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 22 (2), 331-346, 2010
Top-down modulation of lateral interactions in early vision: does attention affect integration of the whole or just perception of the parts?
E Freeman, J Driver, D Sagi, L Zhaoping
Current Biology 13 (11), 985-989, 2003
Looming sounds enhance orientation sensitivity for visual stimuli on the same side as such sounds
F Leo, V Romei, E Freeman, E Ladavas, J Driver
Experimental brain research 213, 193-201, 2011
Numbers and time doubly dissociate
M Cappelletti, ED Freeman, L Cipolotti
Neuropsychologia 49 (11), 3078-3092, 2011
The middle house or the middle floor: Bisecting horizontal and vertical mental number lines in neglect
M Cappelletti, ED Freeman, L Cipolotti
Neuropsychologia 45 (13), 2989-3000, 2007
Time processing in dyscalculia
M Cappelletti, ED Freeman, BL Butterworth
Frontiers in psychology 2, 364, 2011
Sight and sound out of synch: Fragmentation and renormalisation of audiovisual integration and subjective timing
ED Freeman, A Ipser, A Palmbaha, D Paunoiu, P Brown, C Lambert, ...
cortex 49 (10), 2875-2887, 2013
Interactions between attention and perceptual grouping in human visual cortex
W Khoe, E Freeman, MG Woldorff, GR Mangun
Brain research 1078 (1), 101-111, 2006
Electrophysiological correlates of lateral interactions in human visual cortex
W Khoe, E Freeman, MG Woldorff, GR Mangun
Vision research 44 (14), 1659-1673, 2004
Configuration-specific attentional modulation of flanker–target lateral interactions
E Freeman, D Sagi, J Driver
Perception 33 (2), 181-194, 2004
Subjective appearance of ambiguous structure-from-motion can be driven by objective switches of a separate less ambiguous context
ED Freeman, J Driver
Vision Research 46 (23), 4007-4023, 2006
A deafening flash! Visual interference of auditory signal detection
C Fassnidge, CC Marcotti, E Freeman
Consciousness and cognition 49, 15-24, 2017
Commonalities for numerical and continuous quantity skills at temporo-parietal junction
M Cappelletti, R Chamberlain, ED Freeman, R Kanai, B Butterworth, ...
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 26 (5), 986-999, 2014
Sight and sound persistently out of synch: stable individual differences in audiovisual synchronisation revealed by implicit measures of lip-voice integration
A Ipser, V Agolli, A Bajraktari, F Al-Alawi, N Djaafara, ED Freeman
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 46413, 2017
fMRI correlates of subjective reversals in ambiguous structure-from-motion
ED Freeman, P Sterzer, J Driver
Journal of Vision 12 (6), 35-35, 2012
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