Adam T. Neal
Adam T. Neal
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Phosphorene: an unexplored 2D semiconductor with a high hole mobility
H Liu, AT Neal, Z Zhu, Z Luo, X Xu, D Tománek, PD Ye
ACS nano 8 (4), 4033-4041, 2014
Channel Length Scaling of MoS2 MOSFETs
H Liu, AT Neal, PD Ye
ACS nano 6 (10), 8563-8569, 2012
Demonstration of high mobility and quantum transport in modulation-doped β-(AlxGa1-x) 2O3/Ga2O3 heterostructures
Y Zhang, A Neal, Z Xia, C Joishi, JM Johnson, Y Zheng, S Bajaj, ...
Applied Physics Letters 112 (17), 2018
Molecular Doping of Multilayer Field-Effect Transistors: Reduction in Sheet and Contact Resistances
Y Du, H Liu, AT Neal, M Si, DY Peide
IEEE Electron Device Letters 34 (10), 1328-1330, 2013
Switching mechanism in single-layer molybdenum disulfide transistors: An insight into current flow across Schottky barriers
H Liu, M Si, Y Deng, AT Neal, Y Du, S Najmaei, PM Ajayan, J Lou, PD Ye
ACS nano 8 (1), 1031-1038, 2014
Donors and deep acceptors in β-Ga2O3
AT Neal, S Mou, S Rafique, H Zhao, E Ahmadi, JS Speck, KT Stevens, ...
Applied Physics Letters 113 (6), 2018
Statistical study of deep submicron dual-gated field-effect transistors on monolayer chemical vapor deposition molybdenum disulfide films
H Liu, M Si, S Najmaei, AT Neal, Y Du, PM Ajayan, J Lou, PD Ye
Nano letters 13 (6), 2640-2646, 2013
β-Gallium oxide power electronics
AJ Green, J Speck, G Xing, P Moens, F Allerstam, K Gumaelius, T Neyer, ...
Apl Materials 10 (2), 2022
Ge-Doped -Ga2O3 MOSFETs
N Moser, J McCandless, A Crespo, K Leedy, A Green, A Neal, S Mou, ...
IEEE Electron Device Letters 38 (6), 775-778, 2017
The effect of dielectric capping on few-layer phosphorene transistors: Tuning the Schottky barrier heights
H Liu, AT Neal, M Si, Y Du, DY Peide
IEEE Electron Device Letters 35 (7), 795-797, 2014
Intrinsic doping and gate hysteresis in graphene field effect devices fabricated on SiO2 substrates
P Joshi, HE Romero, AT Neal, VK Toutam, SA Tadigadapa
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 22 (33), 334214, 2010
Heteroepitaxy of N-type β-Ga2O3 thin films on sapphire substrate by low pressure chemical vapor deposition
S Rafique, L Han, AT Neal, S Mou, MJ Tadjer, RH French, H Zhao
Applied Physics Letters 109 (13), 2016
ACS Nano 8, 4033 (2014)
H Liu, AT Neal, Z Zhu, Z Luo, X Xu, D Tománek, PD Ye
Lateral β-Ga2O3 field effect transistors
KD Chabak, KD Leedy, AJ Green, S Mou, AT Neal, T Asel, ER Heller, ...
Semiconductor Science and Technology 35 (1), 013002, 2019
Incomplete Ionization of a 110 meV Unintentional Donor in β-Ga2O3 and its Effect on Power Devices
AT Neal, S Mou, R Lopez, JV Li, DB Thomson, KD Chabak, GH Jessen
Scientific Reports 7, 13218, 2017
Magneto-transport in MoS2: Phase Coherence, Spin–Orbit Scattering, and the Hall Factor
AT Neal, H Liu, J Gu, PD Ye
Acs Nano 7 (8), 7077-7082, 2013
MOCVD growth of high purity Ga2O3 epitaxial films using trimethylgallium precursor
G Seryogin, F Alema, N Valente, H Fu, E Steinbrunner, AT Neal, S Mou, ...
Applied Physics Letters 117 (26), 2020
20–80nm channel length InGaAs gate-all-around nanowire MOSFETs with EOT= 1.2 nm and lowest SS= 63mV/dec
JJ Gu, XW Wang, H Wu, J Shao, AT Neal, MJ Manfra, RG Gordon, PD Ye
2012 International Electron Devices Meeting, 27.6. 1-27.6. 4, 2012
Towards High‐Mobility Heteroepitaxial β‐Ga2O3 on Sapphire − Dependence on The Substrate Off‐Axis Angle
S Rafique, L Han, AT Neal, S Mou, J Boeckl, H Zhao
physica status solidi (a) 215 (2), 1700467, 2018
Effects of (NH4) 2S passivation on the off-state performance of 3-dimensional InGaAs metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors
JJ Gu, AT Neal, PD Ye
Applied Physics Letters 99 (15), 2011
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