Milan Dragićević
Milan Dragićević
Senior research associate, department of Plant Physiology Institute for Biological Research "Siniša
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Chemodiversity of two closely related tetraploid Centaurium species and their hexaploid hybrid: Metabolomic search for high-resolution taxonomic classifiers
T Banjanac, M Dragićević, B Šiler, U Gašić, B Bohanec, JN Živković, ...
Phytochemistry 140, 27-44, 2017
Reverse Transcription of 18S rRNA with Poly(dT)18 and Other Homopolymers
MD Bogdanović, MB Dragićević, NT Tanić, SI Todorović, DM Mišić, ...
Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 31, 55-63, 2013
Herbicide phosphinothricin causes direct stimulation hormesis
M Dragićević, J Platiša, R Nikolić, S Todorović, M Bogdanović, N Mitić, ...
Dose-Response 11 (3), dose-response. 12-039. Simonovic, 2013
The effect of low temperature and GA3 treatments on dormancy breaking and activity of antioxidant enzymes in Fritillaria meleagris bulblets cultured in vitro
M Petrić, S Jevremović, M Trifunović, V Tadić, S Milošević, M Dragićević, ...
Acta physiologiae plantarum 35, 3223-3236, 2013
UHPLC-LTQ OrbiTrap MS analysis and biological properties of Origanum vulgare subsp. viridulum obtained by different extraction methods
G Zengin, A Cvetanović, U Gašić, M Dragićević, A Stupar, A Uysal, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 154, 112747, 2020
Dimethyl sulfoxide improves sensitivity and specificity of RT-PCR and qRT-PCR amplification of low-expressed transgenes
A Simonović, M Trifunović, M Raspor, A Cingel, M Bogdanović, ...
Archives of Biological Sciences 64 (3), 865-876, 2012
Effects of Exogenous Salicylic Acid on Drought Response and Characterization of Dehydrins in Impatiens walleriana
DD Antonić, AR Subotić, MB Dragićević, D Pantelić, SM Milošević, ...
Plants 9 (11), 1589, 2020
Sugars and acid invertase mediate the physiological response of Schenkia spicata root cultures to salt stress
D Mišić, M Dragićević, B Šiler, JN Živković, V Maksimović, I Momčilović, ...
Journal of plant physiology 169 (13), 1281-1289, 2012
ragp: Pipeline for mining of plant hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins with implementation in R
MB Dragićević, DM Paunović, MD Bogdanović, SI . Todorović, ...
Glycobiology 30 (1), 19-35, 2020
Tissue specific expression and genomic organization of bitter sesquiterpene lactone biosynthesis in Cichorium intybus L.(Asteraceae)
M Bogdanović, K Cankar, S Todorović, M Dragicević, A Simonović, ...
Industrial crops and products 129, 253-260, 2019
Knockout mutants as a tool to identify the subunit composition of Arabidopsis glutamine synthetase isoforms
M Dragićević, S Todorović, M Bogdanović, B Filipović, D Mišić, ...
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 79, 1-9, 2014
Production of guaianolides in Agrobacterium rhizogenes-transformed chicory regenerants flowering in vitro
MD Bogdanović, SI Todorović, T Banjanac, MB Dragićević, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 60, 52-59, 2014
Interaction of fire‐related cues in seed germination of the potentially invasive species Paulownia tomentosa Steud
Plant species biology 25 (3), 193-202, 2010
Effects of C60 Fullerene on Thioacetamide-Induced Rat Liver Toxicity and Gut Microbiome Changes
S Đurašević, S Pejić, I Grigorov, G Nikolić, D Mitić-Ćulafić, M Dragićević, ...
Antioxidants 10 (6), 911, 2021
Secondary Somatic Embryogenesis in Centaurium erythraea Rafn
M Bogdanović, K Ćuković, A Subotić, M Dragićević, A Simonović, ...
Plants 10 (2), 199, 2021
Alterations in nepetalactone metabolism during polyethylene glycol (PEG)-induced dehydration stress in two Nepeta species
N Aničić, D Matekalo, M Skorić, JN Živković, L Petrović, M Dragićević, ...
Phytochemistry 174, 112340, 2020
Plant regeneration in leaf culture of Centaurium erythraea Rafn. Part 3: De novo transcriptome assembly and validation of housekeeping genes for studies of in vitro morphogenesis
K Ćuković, M Dragićević, M Bogdanović, D Paunović, G Giurato, ...
Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC) 141 (2), 417-433, 2020
Differential regulation of GS-GOGAT gene expression by plant growth regulators in Arabidopsis seedlings
M Dragićević, A Simonović, M Bogdanović, A Subotić, N Ghalawenji, ...
Archives of Biological Sciences 68 (2), 399-404, 2016
In Silico study of superoxide dismutase gene family in potato and effects of elevated temperature and salicylic acid on gene expression
J Rudić, MB Dragićević, I Momčilović, AD Simonović, D Pantelić
Antioxidants 11 (3), 488, 2022
Molecular Characterization and Expression of Four Aquaporin Genes in Impatiens walleriana during Drought Stress and Recovery
M Đurić, A Subotić, L Prokić, M Trifunović-Momčilov, A Cingel, ...
Plants 10 (1), 154, 2021
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