Elena Khlestkina
Elena Khlestkina
Federal Research Center N. I. Vavilov All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources
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Mapping of 99 new microsatellite-derived loci in rye (Secale cereale L.) including 39 expressed sequence tags
EK Khlestkina, MHM Than, EG Pestsova, MS Röder, SV Malyshev, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 109, 725-732, 2004
The adaptive role of flavonoids: emphasis on cereals
E Khlestkina
Cereal Research Communications 41 (2), 185-198, 2013
Genetic diversity in cultivated plants—loss or stability?
EK Khlestkina, XQ Huang, FJB Quenum, S Chebotar, MS Röder, A Börner
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 108, 1466-1472, 2004
SNP markers: methods of analysis, ways of development, and comparison on an example of common wheat
EK Khlestkina, EA Salina
Russian Journal of Genetics 42, 585-594, 2006
The genetic diversity of old and modern Siberian varieties of common spring wheat as determined by microsatellite markers
EK Khlestkina, MS Röder, TT Efremova, A Börner, VK Shumny
Plant breeding 123 (2), 122-127, 2004
Regulation of the Flavonoid Biosynthesis Pathway Genes in Purple and Black Grains of Hordeum vulgare
OY Shoeva, HP Mock, TV Kukoeva, A Börner, EK Khlestkina
PloS one 11 (10), e0163782, 2016
Molecular mapping, phenotypic expression and geographical distribution of genes determining anthocyanin pigmentation of coleoptiles in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
EK Khlestkina, EG Pestsova, MS Röder, A Börner
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 104, 632-637, 2002
Single nucleotide polymorphisms in rye (Secale cereale L.): discovery, frequency, and applications for genome mapping and diversity studies
RK Varshney, U Beier, EK Khlestkina, R Kota, V Korzun, A Graner, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 114, 1105-1116, 2007
Melanin pigment in plants: Current knowledge and future perspectives
AY Glagoleva, OY Shoeva, EK Khlestkina
Frontiers in Plant Science 11, 770, 2020
The regulation of anthocyanin synthesis in the wheat pericarp
OY Shoeva, EI Gordeeva, EK Khlestkina
Molecules 19 (12), 20266-20279, 2014
Marker-assisted development of bread wheat near-isogenic lines carrying various combinations of purple pericarp (Pp) alleles
EI Gordeeva, OY Shoeva, EK Khlestkina
Euphytica 203, 469-476, 2015
Relationship between homoeologous regulatory and structural genes in allopolyploid genome–a case study in bread wheat
EK Khlestkina, MS Röder, EA Salina
BMC Plant Biology 8, 1-14, 2008
Wheat, barley, and oat breeding for health benefit components in grain
IG Loskutov, EK Khlestkina
Plants 10 (1), 86, 2021
Mapping genes controlling anthocyanin pigmentation on the glume and pericarp in tetraploid wheat (Triticum durum L.)
EK Khlestkina, MS Röder, A Börner
Euphytica 171, 65-69, 2010
Molecular markers in genetic studies and breeding
EK Khlestkina
Russian Journal of Genetics: Applied Research 4, 236-244, 2014
The D genome carries a gene determining purple grain colour in wheat
O Tereshchenko, E Gordeeva, V Arbuzova, A Börner, E Khlestkina
Cereal Research Communications 40 (3), 334-341, 2012
A new gene controlling the flowering response to photoperiod in wheat
EK Khlestkina, A Giura, MS Röder, A Börner
Euphytica 165, 579-585, 2009
Identification and characterization of regulatory network components for anthocyanin synthesis in barley aleurone
KV Strygina, A Börner, EK Khlestkina
BMC plant biology 17 (1), 1-9, 2017
Molecular markers in genetic studies and breeding
EK Khlestkina
Vavilov journal of genetics and breeding 17 (4/2), 1044-1054, 2015
Genes determining the coloration of different organs in wheat
EK Khlestkina
Russian Journal of Genetics: Applied Research 3, 54-65, 2013
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