christopher pain
christopher pain
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Non-linear regimes of fluid flow in rock fractures
RW Zimmerman, A Al-Yaarubi, CC Pain, CA Grattoni
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B Shaw, NN Ambraseys, PC England, MA Floyd, GJ Gorman, ...
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Model identification of reduced order fluid dynamics systems using deep learning
Z Wang, D Xiao, F Fang, R Govindan, CC Pain, Y Guo
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Three-dimensional unstructured mesh ocean modelling
CC Pain, MD Piggott, AJH Goddard, F Fang, GJ Gorman, DP Marshall, ...
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Conservative interpolation between unstructured meshes via supermesh construction
PE Farrell, MD Piggott, CC Pain, GJ Gorman, CR Wilson
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A new computational framework for multi‐scale ocean modelling based on adapting unstructured meshes
MD Piggott, GJ Gorman, CC Pain, PA Allison, AS Candy, BT Martin, ...
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Long lead-time daily and monthly streamflow forecasting using machine learning methods
M Cheng, F Fang, T Kinouchi, IM Navon, CC Pain
Journal of Hydrology 590, 125376, 2020
Non‐intrusive reduced‐order modelling of the Navier–Stokes equations based on RBF interpolation
D Xiao, F Fang, C Pain, G Hu
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A study of bubbling and slugging fluidised beds using the two-fluid granular temperature model
CC Pain, S Mansoorzadeh, CRE De Oliveira
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Non-linear model reduction for the Navier–Stokes equations using residual DEIM method
D Xiao, F Fang, AG Buchan, CC Pain, IM Navon, J Du, G Hu
Journal of Computational Physics 263, 1-18, 2014
Non-intrusive reduced order modelling of the Navier–Stokes equations
D Xiao, F Fang, AG Buchan, CC Pain, IM Navon, A Muggeridge
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A simple model for deviations from the cubic law for a fracture undergoing dilation or closure
S Sisavath, A Al-Yaarubi, CC Pain, RW Zimmerman
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Study on a large-scale discrete element model for fine particles in a fluidized bed
M Sakai, H Takahashi, CC Pain, JP Latham, J Xiang
Advanced Powder Technology 23 (5), 673-681, 2012
Rapid spatio-temporal flood prediction and uncertainty quantification using a deep learning method
R Hu, F Fang, CC Pain, IM Navon
Journal of Hydrology 575, 911-920, 2019
How tall buildings affect turbulent air flows and dispersion of pollution within a neighbourhood
E Aristodemou, LM Boganegra, L Mottet, D Pavlidis, A Constantinou, ...
Environmental pollution 233, 782-796, 2018
A nonhydrostatic finite-element model for three-dimensional stratified oceanic flows. Part I: Model formulation
R Ford, CC Pain, MD Piggott, AJH Goddard, CRE De Oliveira, ...
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A parameterized non-intrusive reduced order model and error analysis for general time-dependent nonlinear partial differential equations and its applications
D Xiao, F Fang, CC Pain, IM Navon
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 317, 868-889, 2017
A reduced order model for turbulent flows in the urban environment using machine learning
D Xiao, CE Heaney, L Mottet, F Fang, W Lin, IM Navon, Y Guo, OK Matar, ...
Building and Environment 148, 323-337, 2019
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