Paul K Chan
Paul K Chan
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Fission product release modelling for application of fuel-failure monitoring and detection-An overview
BJ Lewis, PK Chan, A El-Jaby, FC Iglesias, A Fitchett
Journal of Nuclear Materials 489, 64-83, 2017
Multiphysics coupled modeling of light water reactor fuel performance
R Liu, A Prudil, W Zhou, PK Chan
Progress in Nuclear Energy 91, 38-48, 2016
Fully coupled multiphysics modeling of enhanced thermal conductivity UO2–BeO fuel performance in a light water reactor
R Liu, W Zhou, P Shen, A Prudil, PK Chan
Nuclear Engineering and Design 295, 511-523, 2015
Growth and characterization of oxide films on zirconium-niobium alloys
VF Urbanic, PK Chan, D Khatamian, OTT Woo
Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: Tenth International Symposium, 1994
Multiphysics modeling of UO2-SiC composite fuel performance with enhanced thermal and mechanical properties
R Liu, W Zhou, A Prudil, PK Chan
Applied Thermal Engineering 107, 86-100, 2016
Development and testing of the FAST fuel performance code: Normal operating conditions (Part 1)
A Prudil, BJ Lewis, PK Chan, JJ Baschuk
Nuclear Engineering and Design 282, 158-168, 2015
Development and testing of the FAST fuel performance code: Transient conditions (Part 2)
A Prudil, BJ Lewis, PK Chan, JJ Baschuk, D Wowk
Nuclear Engineering and Design 282, 169-177, 2015
Variation of burnable neutron absorbers in a heavy water–moderated fuel lattice: A potential to improve CANDU reactor operating margins
PK Chan, S Paquette, HW Bonin
Nuclear Technology 191 (1), 1-14, 2015
Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: Tenth International Symposium
VF Urbanic, PK Chan, D Khatamian, OT Woo
ASTM STP 1245, 116, 1994
Mitigating the Stress Corrosion Cracking of Zircaloy-4 Fuel Sheathing: Siloxane Coatings Revisited
GA Ferrier, M Farahani, J Metzler, PK Chan, EC Corcoran
Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science 2 (2), 021004, 2016
Protective coating to reduce stress corrosion cracking in zirconium alloy sheathing
PKH Chan
US Patent 5,805,655, 1998
The role of ZrxIyC compounds in minimizing stress corrosion cracking in fuel cladding
PK Chan, KG Irving, JR Mitchell
Thorium-based nuclear fuel performance modelling with multi-pellet material fuel and sheath modelling tool
JS Bell
Neutron absorbers in candu natural uranium fuel bundles to improve operating margins
PK Chan, S Paquette, HW Bonin, C French, A Pant
International Conference on Nuclear Engineering 55782, V001T02A030, 2013
How does CANLUB work?
PK Chan, KJ Kaddatz
Circulation of cosmogenic 22Na using the global monitoring network of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO)
I Hoffman, B Lewis, P Chan
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 187, 8-15, 2018
Fueling Study of a CANDU Reactor Using Fuels Containing Burnable Neutron Absorbers
JJ Song, PK Chan, HW Bonin, S Paquette
Nuclear Technology 195 (3), 310-328, 2016
Reactor power monitoring using Cherenkov radiation transmitted through a small-bore metallic tube
G Bentoumi, B Benson, PK Chan, M Gaudet, G Li, L Li, P Samuleev, B Sur
Annals of Nuclear Energy 114, 86-91, 2018
A Solid Element Approach to Analyzing CANDU Fuel Element Behaviour Under Post-Dryout Heat Transfer Conditions
CJ Krasnaj
Influence of alkali metal oxides and alkaline earth metal oxides on the mitigation of stress corrosion cracking in CANDU fuel sheathing
J Metzler, GA Ferrier, M Farahani, PK Chan, EC Corcoran
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